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GBP/USD Pair Picks Volume Activity Ahead Parliament Brexit Vote

Economic News In the first trading week of new year UK released key Economic data like Manufacturing PMI, Net lending to Individual and services PMI which came robust. December manufacturing PMI number came at 54.2 well above estimates of 52.5.Services PMI which represent services sector growth stood at 51.2 vs. 50.7.Data above 50 indicates services … Continue reading "GBP/USD Pair Picks Volume Activity Ahead Parliament Brexit Vote"

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Forex Currency Forecast: GBP/USD Pair Analysis

GBP/USD endured its most noticeably bad week since October. The Brexit event stays on the brains of apprehensive speculators. There are key numbers on the two sides of the lake in the forthcoming week. The U.K discharges CPI and retail deals this week, and the U.S will distribute Final GDP for the second from last … Continue reading "Forex Currency Forecast: GBP/USD Pair Analysis"

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