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EUR/USD forex pair Technical Analysis

One more week of Dollar’s agony reaches an end with the EUR/USD (forex pair) match up to new 2017 highs of 1.1282, compliments to a truly frail NFP report, the second in the previous three months. The world’s biggest economy made only 138,000 new employments in May, well beneath the 185K and much all the … Continue reading "EUR/USD forex pair Technical Analysis"

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What is the effect of French election on Forex Pairs?

When we talk about the European markets, France is amongst the largest economy. It is also believed that France is highly involved when influencing the social and political decisions are involved. Therefore, when such a major country goes for the political changes that is French election, the Forex Pairs and Euros are highly affected. Let … Continue reading "What is the effect of French election on Forex Pairs?"

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4 Pros & Cons You Must Know to Trade With Accurate Forex Signals

As we all know, forex trading is 24 hrs trading market of buying & selling currencies. Buying a currency at low price and selling it at the high price is the procedure that is followed by traders & investors in currency market. There are several other benefits served by FX market. Here are some pros … Continue reading "4 Pros & Cons You Must Know to Trade With Accurate Forex Signals"

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4 Best Forex Trading Signals to Implement

It’s easy to think about buying & selling of currencies in Forex, but when it comes to trade, it requires full Proof knowledge about the currency market. Although, there are various forex trading strategies to adapt therefore it’s easy to gain complete knowledge. Depending on your investment goal i.e. (long term or short term), you … Continue reading "4 Best Forex Trading Signals to Implement"

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