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Weekly Commodity Forecast (Dec 29 – 05 Jan 2019)

Silver (Close price: 15.33) News The growing economic recovery in the Euro zone led investors to believe that the (ECB) will tighten its monetary policy sooner rather than later. This, in turn, was expected to push the Euro higher against the US dollar and support bullion. Japan’s economy also started to recover. Bank of Japan … Continue reading "Weekly Commodity Forecast (Dec 29 – 05 Jan 2019)"

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Top Tips for Commodity Futures UAE Traders

Commodity trading offers a vast horizon for the traders and investors like Commodity Futures UAE. This is so because many commodities are extremely essential for life and therefore, under any circumstances, commodity trade never declines. Commodity Futures is actually a contract, in which two parties agree to buy and/or sell an agreed quantity of their … Continue reading "Top Tips for Commodity Futures UAE Traders"

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