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Gold and The Best Reasons To Buy It?

These are The Best Reasons to Buy Gold for Investment   1. Diversify value 2. Store of value 3. Safe Haven 4. The Fundamentals 5. Contrarian and Value   Diversify Value: The most simple and compelling argument for owning gold for the average investor is to diversify a portfolio. By owing different asset classes and … Continue reading "Gold and The Best Reasons To Buy It?"

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Weekly Outlook for Gold Traders

Gold Talking Keynotes: Spot Gold building up a bearish case beneath the mental $1,300 level. Markets were closed on Monday due to memorial day. Gold ended the day modestly lower while the U.S. dollar stays on top. Spot gold is driving the route to bring down with a test underneath the mental $1,300 level indeed. … Continue reading "Weekly Outlook for Gold Traders"

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Gold Price Forecast – Week of May 14, 2018

Gold retreats from day highs towards 1,3200 as security yields Goes higher. The current bull move in Gold is ascribed to US Iran atomic arrangement of withdrawal and USD recovering from its high. Gold is hovering at around $1,318 a troy ounce basically unaltered on Friday. Prior to the day in the European session, Gold … Continue reading "Gold Price Forecast – Week of May 14, 2018"

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Gold Technical Analysis Updates

As per yesterday the dovish ECB comments, EURO, and Gold Fall throughout the day. Gold costs were little-changed yesterday, reflecting uncertain execution from the US Dollar. Both were pulled in inverse ways by tentative ECB remarks and new exchange war butterflies. A drop in EUR/USD reverberated as extensively positive for the greenback, harming the yellow … Continue reading "Gold Technical Analysis Updates"

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Take Deep look into Gold and Silver Trading Chart

Silver skipping into protection around the 16.15 line Gold is going head to head with levels in the 1260s and somewhat higher As yet assuming the best about downtrend and protection levels Commodity Trading Signals: Silver is as of now lifting into a territory of protection around 16.15 comprising of a couple of lows in … Continue reading "Take Deep look into Gold and Silver Trading Chart"

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