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Gold Forecast: Check out the Gold Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Gold Forecast: Gold Price falls on second consecutive on Tuesday below $1200 mark after positive developments over BREXIT plans. UK and EU both agreed on draft which lays its exit from EU. This news brings lack of attention towards Gold as a safe haven and some profit booking below $1200 psychological level. In a day … Continue reading "Gold Forecast: Check out the Gold Technical and Fundamental Analysis"

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Today’s Gold Forecast and Trading Tips

Gold Daily Forecast: 1. Gold costs fall as timid ECB converts into more grounded US Dollar 2. Raw petroleum costs edge up on stock information, Saudi shipment stop 3. US GDP information may hold gold under strain, oil affect indistinct Gold costs turned lower as the US Dollar came back to the hostile, discoloring the … Continue reading "Today’s Gold Forecast and Trading Tips"

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Gold and The Best Reasons To Buy It?

These are The Best Reasons to Buy Gold for Investment   1. Diversify value 2. Store of value 3. Safe Haven 4. The Fundamentals 5. Contrarian and Value   Diversify Value: The most simple and compelling argument for owning gold for the average investor is to diversify a portfolio. By owing different asset classes and … Continue reading "Gold and The Best Reasons To Buy It?"

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Weekly Outlook for Gold Traders

Gold Talking Keynotes: Spot Gold building up a bearish case beneath the mental $1,300 level. Markets were closed on Monday due to memorial day. Gold ended the day modestly lower while the U.S. dollar stays on top. Spot gold is driving the route to bring down with a test underneath the mental $1,300 level indeed. … Continue reading "Weekly Outlook for Gold Traders"

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Gold Prices Snap Losing Streak as Bond Yields Fall in Risk-Off Trade

Gold prices snap losing streak as bond yields fall in risk-off trade. Gold prices edged up as sentiment soured in Wall Street trade, sending capital fleeting for the safety of Treasury bonds and weighing on yields. That offered a familiar lift to non-interest-bearing assets epitomized by the yellow metal. Crude oil prices fell in with the … Continue reading "Gold Prices Snap Losing Streak as Bond Yields Fall in Risk-Off Trade"

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