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Gold Price Forecast: Due to attack on Syrian, Gold Price is in Uncertainty

Provided geopolitical and trade tensions can be contained in the week ahead, gold is liable to move lower on net economic trends, although there will inevitably be a spike higher if Middle East tensions intensify and there are further U.S. military strikes on Syria. Although immediate trade fears eased, gold prices gained strong support during … Continue reading "Gold Price Forecast: Due to attack on Syrian, Gold Price is in Uncertainty"

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Flynn News Spooks Oil price

Crude Oil Forecast: Oil costs settled up somewhat on Friday, however, fell off session highs as monetary markets reeled from an ABC News report that adds to worries about President Donald Trump’s presentation to a test into Russian intruding in a year ago’s crusade. Brent unrefined rose as high as $64.32 a barrel, the day … Continue reading "Flynn News Spooks Oil price"

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Investing In Silver ,A Manipulation for UAE Traders

Basically, Investing in Silver has long been taken as a step sister to gold and a similar trail has been followed by the investment practice. Going by the commodity trading recommendation or to be precise commodity silver trading tips, it is seen that it goes as a manipulative stance because the process has more of … Continue reading "Investing In Silver ,A Manipulation for UAE Traders"

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