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Gold Prices Snap Losing Streak as Bond Yields Fall in Risk-Off Trade

Gold prices snap losing streak as bond yields fall in risk-off trade. Gold prices edged up as sentiment soured in Wall Street trade, sending capital fleeting for the safety of Treasury bonds and weighing on yields. That offered a familiar lift to non-interest-bearing assets epitomized by the yellow metal. Crude oil prices fell in with the … Continue reading "Gold Prices Snap Losing Streak as Bond Yields Fall in Risk-Off Trade"

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Weekly Outlook of GOLD-XAUUSD 21-April to 27-April

Gold Trading Alerts: Gold is a form of Safe Asset. It is used as currency in the forex market. Gold can be used as Investment, Hedge Instrument, majorly traded against Usd. It moves up whenever there is the geopolitical issue and economic  Certainty Spot GOLD/XAUUSD  down on Friday as the US dollar Strong. Comex gold … Continue reading "Weekly Outlook of GOLD-XAUUSD 21-April to 27-April"

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Italian Elections may Impact Crude Oil Price in The Commodity Market

Crude Oil Trading Alerts on The Basis of Fundamental Analysis Major Forecast for Crude Oil: Bearish Crude Oil costs fall on hawkish Powell declaration, Trump duty climb Italian race result, US employment information may compound hazard avoidance Features from CERA Week, API and EIA stock information due ahead Crude Oil costs fell nearby stocks as full-scale … Continue reading "Italian Elections may Impact Crude Oil Price in The Commodity Market"

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Flynn News Spooks Oil price

Crude Oil Forecast: Oil costs settled up somewhat on Friday, however, fell off session highs as monetary markets reeled from an ABC News report that adds to worries about President Donald Trump’s presentation to a test into Russian intruding in a year ago’s crusade. Brent unrefined rose as high as $64.32 a barrel, the day … Continue reading "Flynn News Spooks Oil price"

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Investing In Silver ,A Manipulation for UAE Traders

Basically, Investing in Silver has long been taken as a step sister to gold and a similar trail has been followed by the investment practice. Going by the commodity trading recommendation or to be precise commodity silver trading tips, it is seen that it goes as a manipulative stance because the process has more of … Continue reading "Investing In Silver ,A Manipulation for UAE Traders"

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