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Currently, The SGX listed Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd has released their earnings update for the fiscal year 2019. Yoma Strategic deals in the real estate business and development, tourism, vehicle distribution, agriculture and food & beverage business.

Let’s take a look at the earnings report of the Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd, here are the key points-

The surprising news is that the revenue for the first quarter has increased by 13.9% multi-year to S$29.4 million however, the gross profit decreased to S$10.3 million by 1.6% for the most part because of the lower net edge profile in the real estate business; the company saw its income hop by 63.4% to S$10.18 million.

Another key point is that the net profit attributable to investors abandoned a positive S$2.82 million multi-year prior to a negative S$15.90 million in the announcing quarter. The main reasons behind this happening were increased finance expenses which increased because of the strengthening of the US dollar against the Chinese yuan and the Singapore dollar and another reason is the increased administrative expenses.

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd

Amid the announcing quarter, the company created a negative S$17.83 million in working income, down from a negative S$9.71 million seen multi-year prior. Starting at 30 June 2018, Yoma Strategic had S$25.9 million in trade and S$307.2 million out obligation. Its equipping proportion remained at 23% toward the finish of announcing quarter.

The real estate business of Yoma Strategic developed their incomes by multi year-on-year to S$15.15 million for the most part because of higher property deals and administration pay.

The company also has 24 KFC stores in Myanmar (as per June 2018) and expansion of new stores and same-store deals development brought about income from the aggregate’s KFC business hopping by 46.7% to S$4.49 million.

In the first quarter, Yoma Strategic sold 125 tractors and 346 executes when contrasted with 243 tractors and 443 actualizes in 1Q2018. The company’s automotive & heavy equipment business recorded a multi year-on-year decrease in income to S$7.51 million primarily because of a lower number of New Holland tractors and executes sold.

Income produced from the money related administrations business for the most part from Yoma’s armada leasing business increased by 12.2% to S$1.9 million.

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