Weekly Outlook Market 10-NOV-17 sgx

Weekly Outlook Market 10-NOV-17

Weekly Outlook Market 10-NOV-17 sgx

The benchmark Straits Times Index went higher by 37.79 points or 1.12% last week. STI opened lower at 3380.36 and ended much higher at 3420.10 with the weekly low of 3368.10. The market has shown much bull power and it continues the uptrend after finding much support around 3358 level.

The market has ended higher after getting regular support from 3358 level. It also closed at 17 week’s high at 3420.10. It can continue its uptrend this week too with getting some support around 3400 level.  

After the break a strong hurdle of 3400, it can now go for 3500 level in coming days. Fresh buying has been started now and the market looks solid in coming days. Buy on dips strategy would follow in this condition. 3470 seems a quite a resistance level whereas 3390 would be better support level for this week.


Name Parameter (Days) Position
RSI 14 72.34
MACD 12,26,9 53.09, 44.06, 9.02


Week’s Top Active

Counters LTP Range Volume
QT Vascular 0.017 0.020-0.011 499230500
Rowsley 0.133 0.139-0.131 481608300
Allied tech 0.072 0.076-0.065 444545900
Jiutian chemical 0.085 0.088-0.059 394196500
SinoCloud 0.002 0.003-0.001 218275700

Week’s Top 5 Value Traded

Counters LTP Range Turnover
DBS 24.01 24.30-22.61 896159936
Singtel 3.78 3.80-3.71 386531664
OCBC Bank 11.75 11.87-11.65 287413303
CapitaLand 3.58 3.74-3.57 280779695
UOB 25.24 25.49-24.69 246849075


Week’s Top Losers

Counters LTP Range Change
Delong 3.28 4.17-3.11 -0.690
CityDev 12.20 12.72-11.95 -0.490
Shanghai Turbo 1.85 2.24-1.85 -0.390

Week’s Top Gainers

Counters LTP Range Change(%)
Hoe Leong 0.017 0.024-0.006 +240.00
Cosco Shp Sg 0.440 0.445-0.310 +46.67
Jiutian Chemical 0.085 0.088-0.059 +44.07
Mirach Energy 0.114 0.120-0.081 +40.74
Transcorp 0.039 0.039-0.028 +39.29



Stocks Strategy Entry Target Target 2 StopLoss
Jiutian Chemical Long 0.085 0.095 0.105 0.075
Allied Tech Long 0.070 0.077 0.084 0.062
Cosco Shg Sg Long 0.440 0.490 0.540 0.395
Rowsley Long 0.132 0.138 0.144 0.124
Falcon Energy Long 0.095 0.103 0.110 0.088


Performance of Previous Week

Date Stocks Strategy Entry Target StopLoss Remark
6-Nov-17 Jiutian Chemical Long 0.066 0.072 0.062 Target Done
6-Nov-17 Allied Tech Long 0.070 0.076 0.066 Target Done
7-Nov-17 Cosco Shg Sg Long 0.390 0.440 0.365 Target Done
8-Nov-17 Falcon Energy Long 0.086 0.092 0.082 Target Done
10-Nov-17 Cosco Shg Sg Long 0.445 0.485 0.425 Open



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