Top Forex Indicators Used In 2015

Investing money is the decision that one takes with lots of efforts and planned strategies. Many Forex traders use the indicators to get the indications in which currency one should invest.

Let’s understand what Indicators is:

Indicators are the techniques used for identifying and analyzing the created patterns for the currency markets.

It follows the process:


“Indicators are not the tools used for predictions rather they are just using the raw data of pricings and then identifying the preferred opportunity to acquire the profits. We must use the forex indications with the correct money management strategy so as to get the maximum benefits.”


Indicators are of many kinds which are used by various investors to get the benefits from the stock trading signals. But every indicator has different techniques of providing forex trading signals.

Here is the list of 3 indicators you must use to achieve the handsome returns on your investments.

  • Psych Indicator
  • LFX Order Flow Trader
  • Pin Bar Indicator

Psych Indicator:

The key characteristics of Psych indicator are:

  • It is used with Ninja Trader Platform
  • Overarching trends are easy to understand
  • Focus on providing best entry prices & great stop losses
  • Easily tracks the psychology of market for clear trading signals
  • Percentage long & short for a definite period

Why traders prefer Psych markets:

  • It is preferred by the traders who are inclined with the banks and smart money and not with the traders against the retail sentiments.
  • Accuracy is followed in the forex signals
  • Supports all timeframes
  • It is other indicator friendly as well

LFX order Flow Trader

The key characteristics of LFX order Flow Trader are:

  • It fetch the price movements by tracking the orders in markets
  • Clubs the trend flow and order flow techniques
  • You can view net visual aids on your screen

Why traders prefer LFX order Flow

  • Provides maximum stock market pips for 7 pairs of  (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, NZDUSD)
  • Most easiest to use
  • Valuable forex trading signals
  • Supports all the timeframes

Pin Bar Indicators

The key characteristics of Pin Bar Indicators are:

  • Amazing visual aids and clear to interpret
  • Automatic pin bar alert on your screen
  • Automatic marking of entries, reward targets and stop loss
  • Chart frames for proper analysis

Why traders prefer Pin Bar Indicators

  • It scans pin bars automatically thus helps you for all updates of forex trading signals
  • Customized features for setting parameters on pin bars for optimization
  • Easy to use on other platforms as well
  • Helpful on all the timeframes
  • Helps for high probability trade setups

So traders if you depend on the forex trading signals you must choose the right Forex Signal indicators. Depending on the forex signals are really crucial now a days because it uses the scientific research methodology for the latest forex pips and thus we can turn our small investments into huge profits in just few seconds if we take the correct decisions.

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