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Today the world is celebrating one of the major festivals Eid Al-Fit which is the end of holy month of the great Islam “Ramadan”. This festive is one of the most important festivals of Singapore and the nation celebrates this occasion with enthusiasm.

On this occasion, we present the best stock tips and trading signals, which can add more happiness in terms of profits on this ‘Hari Raya Eid-Al-Fitr’:

1.Never run after “cheap companies”:

When an investor is planning for a strong portfolio building, the investor must not run the companies, which follow poor business practices, or the business who do not have capabilities to nurture the business volumes and target a sustainable future.

Always check the price to earnings ratios, price to book ratio of the company, follow the latest stock signals, take advices from the stock trading picks providing companies and invest smartly.

Some good dividend sharing and strong P/E ratio companies in Singapore are:

    • 35% (Dividend Indicated Gross Yield)
    • 65 (Current P/E Ratio)
  • Sheng Siong Group Ltd
    • 81% (Dividend Indicated Gross Yield)
    • 40(Current P/E Ratio)

2. Identify the risk involved in SGX stock market investment:

The companies offer lucrative offers in Singapore and influence investors, which are new to Singapore share markets. The companies no doubt might have the ability to perform great in Singapore markets, but the risk involved is equally high. An equal chance of failure is present when any company promises excellent numbers of profits with introducing new product or offerings.

Investors must thoroughly analyze the new projects, companies, their goodwill in the market, consult with stock market experts and follow stock signals and post that make investment decision rather than flowing with the flow.

Making quick and lucrative money is the dream of investors but a deep research and analysis is a must when the investment decision is taken.

2.Buying too much volume can be harmful:

Stock market experts suggest any investor must analyze the volume of the share he or she is buying because that money can be a loss of opportunity.

For example:

If you have SGD 10,000 and you invest all the money in buying one company’s share. Unfortunately, you lose all money, as the company did not perform. This is a big opportunity failure, which you could have used in buying any other profitable companies’ share, and you could have fetched good returns and high dividends. Now the opportunity is lost.

Thus, you must invest with a definite volume as per your trading apatite and manage the risk of investments as well.

Financial Research Analyst last note:

The occasion of Eid Al-Fitr is a moment of joy and fun for every individual in Singapore and other countries of the world. So on this auspicious day, we bring 3

Important stock tips which you must always take care of before investing-

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