Your decision to trade in Singapore stock market is certainly smart. But the benefits of trading here can be seen only when your investment starts returning profits. Especially if you are a starter, you should catch up with the basics of Singapore market.

From that perspective, you should vitally know about STI-30. STI stands for Straits Times Index – which is the index for Singapore Stock Exchange. So STI-30 is a table in which those 30 top stocks have been listed which aptly influence the Straits Times Index or STI.

Even the experts who closely watch the market and send stock picks based to traders and investors pay special attention to STI-30. What are the prime factors observed in this STI-30 table?

  • It has significant figure like Exponential Moving Average which derived from the prices of a stock varying between 2 to 5 weeks.
  • Then there are 20 days, 50 days and 200 days crossover signals which are indicated through A and B – here A denotes bullish while B means bearish. Reading this part of the chart, traders can quickly determine whether a stock is trading bullish or bearish on a specific day and get hints about stock picks to!

  • There is also a section called ADX which is Average Directional Index. ADX is used to monitor the EMA crossover signals. As a handy hint for traders, whenever ADX figure for a stock is 25 or above, it means there is a strong trend and has good signs for traders. In contrast, any time the ADX reading is below 20, stock is understood to be non-trending.

A synopsis of STI-30 can be seen below:

You can also use the STI-30 chart as a tally alongside the stock picks you are receiving from your service provider and financial advisory.

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