Singapore Highest Dividend Stock Yield Paying Companies

Collecting dividend payment every few months on top of your regular salary as an extra cash to pay for common household expenses. And occasionally a good treat. That’s why Singaporean have a strong love for dividends.

Dividend income is not completely for future-proof. Stock fundamentals can depreciate and dividends can be cut anytime. But the alternative to stay wealthy is to determine and have a good strategy: we are going to share a simple way to start. Here is the list of the highest dividend paying stocks for Singaporean

Step 1: Know what is a dividend stock and yield: A dividend is a sum of money regularly paid by the company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves). Build a dividend portfolio that grows with you! Want to know 5 Dividend Stocks? Sign up on our website and get five dividend stock to grow your income. The dividend yield will tell you- let us consider bank interest rates are at 0.05% now, which translates to $5 a year.

Step 2: Know what kind of payout ratio the company is giving: The payout ratio is the percentage of net income that a company pays out as dividends to common shareholders. A payout ratio of 10% means for every dollar in Net Income, 10% is being paid out as a dividend.

Step 3: Know that it is a fundamental stable stock: There are many ways to find out whether the stock is fundamentally sound, you can find out more at stock investment in Singapore.

The Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) or Blue Chip stock is a well-known company among Singapore investors. This company is often cherished for their dividends. Here are the five highest-yielding blue chips (figures as of 13 November 2017):
1. Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (SGX: NS8U) tops the list with a trailing distribution yield of 7.96%.

2. Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: A17U) takes second place with a distribution yield of 6.74%.

3. Local telco StarHub Ltd (SGX: CC3) is offering the third highest yield at 5.6%, based on a trailing dividend per share of 17 cents.

4. Media giant Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SGX: T39) is offering a distribution yield of 5.56%, making it the fourth highest yield in the group.

5. Last but not least, CapitaLand Mall Trust (SGX: C38U) rounds out the list with a trailing distribution yield of 5.48%.

Here are some Dividend Stocks companies which never fail to pay dividends. A list of amazing stocks that have been paying dividends over the past 5 years(2018).
1. Lung Kee (Bermuda) (SGX: L09)
Lung Kee is a global leading mold supplier with over 40 years of industry experience servicing mold makers worldwide with its production facilities located in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

2. Mapletree Logistics (SGX: M44U)
Mapletree Logistics Trust is an Asia-focused logistics Real Estate Investment Trust. Its portfolio comprised logistics properties located across Asia including Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Australia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

3. CDW Holding (SGX: BXE)
CDW is a small trading and sourcing company on LCD backlight units, frame products, Flexible printed circuits and etc. which serves large Japanese companies in Hong Kong. It has 7 factories located in Shanghai, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Dongguan with over 3,000 employees.

4. M1 Limited (SGX: B2F)
M1 needs no further introduction. It provides mobile, fixed communications services as well as retail of telecommunication equipment and accessories. We have published a case study on why we think although the prices had dipped, it was not low enough to be a bargain.

5. PCI Limited (SGX: P19)
PCI is an electronics manufacturing company that provides end-to-end solutions from product design to testing and certification. Their main market segments are United States, China, Germany, and ASEAN. Popular undervalued stock Chuan Hup is the parent company of PCI Limited.

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