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Strait Time Index the index of Singapore Stock Exchange is performing weakly considering its last 5-day performance. Its recent trading price on 1st March was SGD 3220.40.

Amidst this, there are a few stocks to watch in SGX Ma, Bestworld, OUE, Kepple Corporation, UOL group, and Olam International.

Among them, Olam International is the one which has been performing well in term of revenue generation and market reputation.

Multi Management Future Solutions has done some crucial research to bring information about the trending stock for the Singapore investor.


Olam International Limited is a fully integrated processor of agricultural product and food ingredients. It is also a supply chain manager. It has built global leadership in many businesses such as Edible nuts, cocoa, spices, rice, and cotton. It is one of the good company listed in SGX.
They are involved in the upstream farming operations that include coffee plantation, almond orchards, rice farm, rubber plantation, oil palm and dairy farm. Their midstream processing operation includes sugar refining, peanut ingredient manufacturing, cocoa processing, and wheat milling.
It also offers commodity financial services (CFS), such as risk management and asset management solutions. The company has operations around 20 platforms and over 70 countries.


Recently Olam International has bought 85% of cocoa processing firm YTS holding for US$90 million to expand its cocoa platform in Asia. YTS a company established in Singapore own all PT Bumitangerang Mesindotama which is primarily engaged in cocoa processing in Indonesia.
This acquisition of a majority stake of cocoa processing company will help the Olam industry to reach many more customer and its business will increase more.
Olam International Limited planning to invest $3.5 billion (including maintenance CapEx) to grow businesses with high growth potential while releasing $1.6 billion by responsibly divesting certain businesses and assets lying outside the strategic priorities over the course of this plan. 


Fundamental overview of the stocks represents the basic information of the company such as dividend payment, revenue, and its growth, market capitalization and other financial data which shows the company’s creditworthiness. 
A Singapore investor can use this information to make a decision about whether to invest in the stock or not.
Below are the key fundamental data of the stock including its three-year financial overview. The data of 2018 is as recorded in September 2018.
Key fundamental data:
  • Return on equity (ROE) 8.212
  • Stock trading at current PE of 11.01
  • EPS forecast S$0.16
  • P/B value at 0.994
  • EBITDA ratio growth of 9.062%
  • Revenue growth of 16.314%


Olam International - Technical Analysis

On the chart analysis, you can see the price is continuously increasing from the beginning of 2019. The stock has crossed the resistance level of SGD2.213 on this week. It is currently trading at S$1.990 which is the increase of around 21% considering Y-T-D (year to date) performance. The stocks’ 52-week price range is in between S$1.57-2.5.

With the new acquisition of the YTS holding its reach in the Asia market will increase and that can make it one of the best performer in the Singapore Stock market.

Below are the major support and resistance of the stock according to Fibonacci retracement.

Major support and resistance levels as below:


The MMF Solutions Takeaway

Olam International is one of the trending stock with good performance in the Singapore Stock Exchange.
A potential trader always keeps eye on the good stock to make his investment portfolio profitable. All the information provided above should be used for stock research. Use the information according to the risk tolerance and financial goal.

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