Singapore stock exchange started with a positive trend in 2019 in spite of week performance at the end of 2019. Strait Time Index gave good performance in January 2019 by ending with uptrend at 3100.17.

Strait time index consist of 30 top companies out of which 28 were top performers and only 2 gave fallback.

A potential Singapore investor and trader will be expecting more good news in February 2019.


How will Singapore Stock Market perform in February 2019?

Which stocks should you invest in?

Multi Management Future Solutions is here to give you answers. We are providing analysis of STI performance in January 2019 with market expectation in February 2019.

Performance in January 2019

Strait time index increased by 121.1 points or 3.96% to 3100.17 in January 2019. This uptrend helped to created positive market sentiment.

The top performers of the January 2019 are Venture Corp, Hong Kong Land, City Development, Thai Beverage and Genting Singapore. Among them, the best performing stock is Thai Beverage Public Company Ltd (SGX: Y92) which is currently trading at S$ 0.76 with the monthly performance at +28.31%. The EPS and dividend yields are 23.86% and 2.14% respectively.

It performed bit poorly in 2018 but it has gained its place in January 2019.

Another player on SGX which was able to maintain its position of being an evergreen choice of investors is CapitaLand Ltd (SGX: C31). It is currently trading at S$ 3.36. Its monthly performance has been recorded with an increase of 9.12%.CapitaLand and Ascendas-Sing made an $8b deal recently which will be Asia’s largest real estate group. This is highly responsible for the strong price movement of CapitaLand.

Top active stock by volume traded in January 2019 are:

  • Genting Singapore(SGX: G13)
  • Thai Beverage(SGX: Y92)
  • Ynagzijiang(BS6)
  • Singtel(Z74)
  • Ascendas REITs(A17U)

Singapore REITs that performed well in January 2019:

  • Singapore Exchanges Ltd (SGX: S68)
  • Capital Commerical Trust (SGX: C61U)
  • Singapore press holding Ltd (SGX: S68)
  • Kepple Corp(SGX: BN4)

Two low performing stocks:

  • Dairy Farm International Holding Ltd(SGX: D01)
  • Jardine Matheson Holding Ltd (SGX: J36)
What to expect with the Singapore Stock Exchange in February 2019
If you follow the trend line the STI could go up above the value of 3150. Singapore investors are suggesting to keep eye on the trend-line.
If we follow the performance in January 2019, there are good chances that the market can perform better. But we have to be alert with any major news in the market.

According to technical analysis, ThaiBev and CapitaLand are signaling towards strong buy at value 0.742 and 3.32 respectively.

Recently SGX has released its second quarterly report of the year 2019, announced a net profit of S$97 million. Revenue generation S$224 million which is up by 9% as compared to a year earlier.

Earning per share is 9.0 cents up by 9% and interim dividend per share 7.5 cents up by 2.5 cents.

Chief Executive Officer of SGX Loh Boon Chye, said, “Over the past six months, we have delivered on what we set out to do in FY2019, including widening our product offering across asset classes, increasing our client engagement overseas and strengthening our partnerships across markets. We are on a strong growth momentum and our financial performance underscores our resilience as a multi-asset exchange.”

He added further, “Singapore investors should focus on risk management and do the investment in SGX with proper analysis considering global geopolitical and market uncertainties.”

MMF Takeaways

Singapore Stock Market has performed with strong growth momentum and strengthening client engagement overseas partnership across the market. Growth and its financial performance have emphasized the market as multi-asset exchange. But being a savvy Singapore investor you should seek risk management and do a proper market analysis before investment and consider this information as the source of your research.

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