Singapore Stock Market Outlook

Market Updates: Trading Signals

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 Focus on the following SGX stocks to book a remarkable profit.

Hold your STI captive at 3250 for this week.

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

Our experts recommend holding your STI stock for this week as a positive embarking is soon to break out.

Hi-P remains stagnant:

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

Hi-P is creeping ahead on the same purchasing position not showing any upward or downward trend. It’s a recommendation to either let go or follow the trailing stop.

GLP drops down on news:

GLP drops down but is following its heirloom to share a good story. The statement is clung to the report published by Financial times that there was a bidder led by a GLP Insider, which made it pointless for external bids. A similar entitled article could be found at Straits Times utterly supporting the uptrend for GPL. Till then keep the stock on its position and wait for the jump.

Don’t grow panic for OCBC:

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

If you have closely observed the trading charts, OCBC is just replicating the STI trend. It’s been recommended to be patient and just follow the system by looking your profit at $ 10.20 level.

TSM may lead to venting out with profit booking:

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

Currently trading at $36.70, TSM may show a hike to $ 36.90. Which is a positive remark for the traders, who haven’t yet book any profit out of there TSM stock?

Book small profit with Cityneon:

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

For Cityneon it’s been recommended that the price can potentially find some support around the $0.95 area and can hike to $ 1.0 with a limiting profit point at $ 0.98.

Candles turned red for Sunningdale:

Singapore Stock Market Outlook

Dropping down continually from last week, Sunningdale has made a strong position of buying. Stocks for Sunningdale is currently trading in between $ 1.80 to $ 1.85, which may even fall further making a strong buying position.

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