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Warren Buffett once said: “Don’t gamble, but watch for unusual circumstances.

Losing patience, for the slow moving market is not a solution. It’s the time, where you need to stay calm and wait for the right time to hit the hammer.

Till then, keep the focus on the below-discussed points. Shreds of evidence witnessing the moderate growth.

1.STI turning positive sideways; recommended evaluating focus shift for large caps, with moderately growing GDP.

2.Keep tracking STI’s basic stock picks- CapitaLand Mall Trust, ST Engineering, Thai Bev.

3.Be sure with these limited or pullback SGX stocks UOB, OCBC, GLP, UOL, and REIT.

4.Expectations with HPH Trust, showing upturn, first upside US $0.47 with support at US$ 0.42.

Shreds of evidence, supporting STI turning positive sideways:

A)It’s been recommended to observe STI for 3274 as a near term cap, demonstrating an upturn from 3184 to 3274.

B)By some circumstances, if the event fails, for Singapore stock STI for 3274, there’s a possibility for a fall onto 3130. Whereas, a year-end possibility for 3350 will remain alive.

Shreds of evidence, supporting YTD moderate growth:

1.Growth signs have been observed, as manufacturing rally is heading to an end.

2.Figures for the latest PMI readings showed a downfall among major players like US, China and Singapore.

3.However, Singapore stock trading is growing stronger because of the two figure recovery in the services sector like financial and trade related services. Whereas, domestic service cluster including Retail and F&B will improve with some time.

4.Meanwhile, Singapore stock market will remain sanguine with the GDP growing at 2.8% this year and expecting to trend for 2.5% in 2018.

5.What impact does latest FED rate hike is creating on Singapore stock trading?

An elfin impact could be observed on the following sectors from the latest FED rate hike:

1.Singapore exchange for USDSGD shows a moderate growth of 0.6%, rebounding off its lowest level of 8 months.

2.There’s a forecasting supported by experts that there would be one more hike in this year and 3 hikes in the next year create a positive impact on the Singapore share prices.

Despite going positive: Why Singapore shares downgrading to neutral?

Have a look at some supportive incidents.

A)Although SGX market has done well YTD with STI showing a growth of nearly 13% still, it has underperformed in the MSCI Asia Ex-Japan Index.

B)Singapore shares currently trading at 14.02x (+0.25SD).

C)With the growing market trend, supported by +0.25SD, experts believe that SGX stock price could rise as a near-term cap from 3185 to 3275.

D)With the sanguine growth in the market, any decline down to 3130 would be in the worst condition.

Evaluating focus shift for major SGX stocks:

  • Till now, from the upcoming latest trend. It could be remarked that Banks and property stocks are leading the Singapore stocks rally YTD. With STI no doubt trading in an upward way, marking it as a near term cap.
  • Performing various analysis considering a huge heap of impact creating points our experts provide following recommendations for the following stock picks:
    • CapitaLand Mall Trust is recommended as a preferable pick where you can BUY the stock with around 11 to 11.5% of returns. The stock has underperformed STI by nearly 12% YTD, which suggest that the stock is under owned currently.
    • ComfortDelgro, Wilmar, and SPH are marked as oversold rebound trades which may offer an investment hike of about 5%.
    • Then we have for Thai Bev and ST Engineering with again a BUY recommendation, which can go upturn with at least 10% hike for your investment.
    • Further our experts move ahead with the HPH Trust currently trading above our fundamental TP and is therefore recommended to hold your position till any positive off cut took place.

Invest carefully with the stocks like UOB, OCBC, REIT, and GLB. Instead, all are the major players in the Singapore stock market but, since they have over performed lastly for STI YTD, it’s been recommended play carefully with these above-mentioned picks.

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