The Singapore Stock Exchange (Straits Times Index) rose 0.5% or 17.84 points, to 3,402.82, at about 9.03 am.

It became as US stocks got stronger overnight.

In Singapore shares, approximately 63.2 million shares of 98.2 million dollars have been changed hands.

Beneficiaries have done much more damage than 125 to 22.

QT vascular was the most actively traded counter, which increased from 5% or 0.1% to Singapore’s 2.1 cent and 4 lakh shares with Singapore St.; And Marcopolo Marine, which increased 3.6%, with 3.69 million shares, with Singapore’s increase by 2.38 percent or 0.1 percent.

CapitaLand is included in Other active index stocks, which increased by 1.7% to S $ 3.53. And HongKong Land Holdings, which increased by 1.17 percent to $ 6.94.

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