SGX market turnover down 1% y-o-y to $22.4 bill in June

Singapore Exchange (SGX) saw a 1% year-on-year plunge in all out Securities showcase turnover incentive to $22.4 billion in June. This was a 16% month-on-month decay contrasted with May.

There were 21 exchanging days in both May and June 2017, and 22 exchanging days in June a year ago.

Securities daily average value (SDAV) was up 4% y-o-y to $1.1 billion. Be that as it may, this was a decrease of 16% contrasted with the former month of May.

Market turnover estimation of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) was $200 million, down 25% y-o-y and down 23% m-o-m.

Market turnover estimation of organized warrants surged 69% y-o-y to $1.2 billion. This was 3% m-o-m higher contrasted with May.

There were one new Mainboard posting, three new Catalyst postings, and 104 new bond postings in June, raising $174.1 million, $58.1 million, and $49.7 billion, separately.

As at end June, there were 752 organizations recorded on SGX, with an aggregate market capitalization estimation of $1.0 trillion.

Add up to Derivatives volume grew 10% y-o-y to 15.6 million. This was likewise a 6% expansion m-o-m contrasted with May.

Value Index Futures volume was up 9% y-o-y and 7% m-o-m at 12.7 million.

FTSE China A50 Index Futures, which remains the most dynamic contract, grew 17% y-o-y and 2% m-o-m to a volume of 6.0 million.

SGX Commodities Derivatives volume was 1.5 million, surging 54% y-o-y and up 1% m-o-m.

Press Ore Derivatives volume rose 56% y-o-y to 1.4 million, yet was level m-o-m.

Forward Freight Derivatives volume was 30,346, down 17% y-o-y and down 8% m-o-m.

The volume of SICOM Rubber Futures grew 59% y-o-y and 17% m-o-m to 126,188.

Offers of SGX shut 2 pennies higher at $7.38 on Monday.

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