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SINGAPORE – STI opens to 2,992.00 that is down 40.08 points and previous close 3,032.08.

Today’s list for Top Active Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
Genting Sing 0.88 -0.03
Rex Intl 0.075 0.002
YZJ Shipbldg SGD 1.17 -0.03
Ezion 0.059 -0.002
Metech Intl 0.001
ThaiBev 0.635

Top gainer stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
SingIndexFund 2.1 0.1
Top Glove 3.95 0.1
SEVAK^ 3.99 0.09
China Intl 0.4 0.09
XT S&P 500 -1x US$ 15.35 0.08
Advanced 0.225 0.051

Top loser stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
Jardine C&C 28.17 -0.68
XT China50 US$ 34.28 -0.62
JSH USD 32 -0.55
DBS Bk 4.7% NCPS# 105.9 -0.5
DBS 23.63 -0.47


Global Index Updates

NASDAQ: Nasdaq Composite opens down at 7,423.21 to -14.33 points from previous close 7,437.54

STI: Straits Times Index opens down to 2,992.00 and the previous close is 3,032.08

HKEX: Hang Seng index opens down today 24,766.72 from the previous close 25,249.78

KLSE: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index opens down today 1,679.36 from the previous CLOSE 1,690.04


Commodity Market

Comex Gold: Depending on the initial price action, the December Comex Gold futures market may be determined by the trading response at the Fibonacci level at $ 1235.80.

Comex Crude Oil: Due to market volatility and rising American production this week, due to market action, it is difficult to find any news that will be helpful. The bottom of this week is $ 65.74. Holding this level can be an indication that the worst part of the sale is over. However, I think that to strengthen, the market needs to fix the former floor at $ 66.50. We can not come to this level at the actual level, but we can see some pretty short coverings.


Singapore Dollar SGD:

Forex Signals: USD/SGD is trading at 1.3806 SGD. Its previous close is 1.3811 SGD and day range is 1.3800 – 1.3818

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