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SINGAPORE – STI opens to 3,055.17 that is up 7.78 points and previous close 3,047.39. It may be a positive signal for the trader that market may move in the positive direction in the starting of next week. Gainers securities outnumbered losers 78 to 72.

Today’s list for Top Active Singapore Stocks are Genting Sing last price 0.965 changes 0.015, Rex Intl last price 0.104 changes 0.003, YZJ Shipbldg SGD last price 1.270 changes 0.040, Thomson Medical last price 0.087 changes 0.003, Allied Tech last price 0.018 changes 0.001, ThaiBev last price 0.645 changes 0.015

Top gainer stocks for Singapore stocks market XT Nifty US$ last price 140.370 changes 3.850, GLD US$ last price 115.550 changes 2.200, Lyxor Indonesia US$ last price 80.460 changes 1.130, XT MSKorea US$ last price 66.790 changes 0.870, JMH USD last price 58.700 changes 0.710

Top loser stocks for Singapore stocks market are XT MSUSA US$ last price 74.820 changes -3.180, XT MSJAP US$ last price 59.270 changes -2.030, Delong last price 6.600 changes -0.380, DBS BK 4.7% NCPS# last price 106.010 changes -0.340, IS ASIA HYG S$D last price 13.790 changes -0.090


Global Index Updates

NASDAQ: Nasdaq Composite opens down at 7,388.07 to 33.98 points from previous close 7,422.05.

STI: Straits Times Index opens Up to 3,055.17 and the previous close is 3,047.39

HKEX: Hang Seng index opens up today 25,401.41 from the previous close 25,266.37

KLSE: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index opens up today 1,703.92 from the previous CLOSE 1,708.49


Commodity Market

Comex Gold: During the trade session on Thursday, gold markets declined, which reached the level of $ 1215, an area that has been more important than one. Overall, the market seems to like the buyers are putting pressure on this issue, but the level of $ 1215 in the past has been very important, so I think we have an important battle over our hands.

Comex Crude Oil: Both WTI and Brent were struggling during the trading session on Thursday, because of this we continue to see weakness in commodity markets overall. Commodity markets have been works well, or we can say that you see movement in commodity mainly due to the weak or strong strength of the US dollar and the issue of global markets, due to a certain amount of fear.


Singapore Dollar SGD:

Forex Signals: USD/SGD is trading at 1.3745 SGD. Its previous close is 1.3764 SGD and day range is 1.3734 – 1.3768

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