singapore stocks news 05-10-2018

SINGAPORE – STI opens to 3,081.67 that is Up 20.82 Points and previous close 3,060.85. In total, Gainers outnumbered losers 99 to 45, as some 48.2 million shares worth $106.8 million in total changed hands.

Today’s list for Top Active Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Change
Genting Sing 0.94 0.05
Rex Intl 0.082 0.002
Thomson Medical 0.082 0.004
BlackGoldNatural 0.018 0.002
AusGroup^ 0.04 0.001


Top gainer stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Change
XT MSEurope US$ 62.16 1.05
DBS 24.58 0.63
UOB 25.27 0.61
XT Vietnam US$ 29.93 0.59
Lyxor MSIndia US$ 17.09 0.59


Top loser stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Change
DBS Bk 4.7% NCPS 106.21 -0.78
Isetan 3.37 -0.21
Darco Water Tech 0.355 -0.145
XT S&P 500 -1x US$ 15 -0.11
Fortune Reit HKD 8.73 -0.07


Global Index

NASDAQ: Nasdaq Composite climb up to 7,434.1 that is 128.2 points from previous close 7,305.9
STI: Straits Times Index opens Up 3,106.56 and the previous close is 3,060.85
HKEX: One day of week, Hang Seng index opens Up 26,292.54 from the previous close 25,400.06
KLSE: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index opens Up today 1,710.98 from the previous close 1,706.92


Commodity Market

Gold Price Forecast
The Comex gold price futures flow nearly $20 on Thursday after a turnaround in the Euro drove the U.S. Dollar Index sharply lower. The weaker dollar helped make dollar-denominated gold more attractive to foreign buyers.

Crude Oil Price Forecast

The crude oil market main trend is down according to the daily swing chart. It fell nearly 3% on Thursday, with US crude futures hitting lows not seen since April, due to growing concerns that global demand is weakening at a time when an output from the world’s major oil producers is surging.
Lower prices are to be expected as long as crude oil remains under the important resistance angle.


Singapore Dollar SGD

Forex Signals: USD/SGD is trading at 1.3764 SGD. Its previous close is 1.3764 SGD and day range is 1.373 – 1.3774.



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