Singapore stocks news 02-10-2018

SINGAPORE – STI opens to 3,248.50 that is up 6.96 points or 0.17% percent. 

Today’s list for Top Active Singapore stocks: Nico Steel^ last price 0.008 changes 0.002, Rex Intl last price 0.113 changes 0.003, Nam Cheong last price 0.012 No change, DISA last price 0.006 No change, SinoCloud
last price 0.002 Changes 0.001

Top gainer stocks for Singapore stocks market are SPDR S&P500 US$ last price 291.580 changes 0.820, Lyxor Indonesia US$ last price 85.750 changes 0.630, GLD US$ last price 112.830 changes 0.610, UOI last price 6.600 changes 0.200, JMH USD last price 63.000 changes 0.190

Top loser stocks for Singapore stocks market are XT Nifty US$ last price 149.400 changes -1.750, XT China50 US$ last price 38.010 changes -0.320, DBS last price 25.660 changes -0.310, XT Vietnam US$ last price 32.680 changes -0.290, UOB last price 26.820 changes -0.230

Global Index Updates

NASDAQ: Nasdaq Composite opens at 8,091.50 to up 45.15 points from previous close 8,046.35.

STI: Straits Times Index opens down 0.17% to 3,248.50 and the previous close is 3,255.46s

HKEX: Hang Seng index opens down today 27,716.16 from the previous close 27,788.52

KLSE: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index opens up today 1,792.73 from PREV CLOSE 1,792.46

Commodity Market

Comex Gold:  As per the candle chart of Gold price, it continues to be choppy overall. On Monday trading session there was no such huge up and down in its pricing. If you are experience gold trader, you can make good money with low risk of capital in this choppy market. The gold market is lying under the upper level $1200 and lower level 1185. If it breaks any level, you can expect good movement in a price change and a confirmation of the trend in gold price.

Comex Crude Oil: There has been a significant increase in crude oil markets on Monday, which broke above important levels as the Iranian restrictions are getting reduced. With the supply of a titter oil, it makes sense that we may continue to grind even more.


Singapore Dollar SGD:

Forex Signals: USD/SGD is trading at 1.3750 SGD. Its previous close is 1.3717 SGD and day range is 1.3716 – 1.3754

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