singapore stocks news post 2

SINGAPORE – STI opens to 3,062.51 that is down 5.2 points and previous close 3,057.31.

Today’s list for Top Active Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
Rex Intl 0.094 -0.003
Genting Sing 0.955 0.02
Asiatic 0.008 0.001
YZJ Shipbldg SGD 1.21 0.03
Golden Agri-Res 0.24
ThaiBev 0.67 0.02

Top gainer stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
GLD US$ 116.21 0.16
DBS Bk 4.7% NCPS# 107.05 0.15
SGX 7.07 0.14
OCBC Bank 10.8 0.09
UOL 6.26 0.08

Top loser stocks for Singapore Stocks Market

Stock Name Last Price Changes
SPDR S&P500 US$ 276.41 -1.04
JSH USD 33.2 -0.43
XT MSJAP US$ 58.87 -0.43
Jardine C&C 29.13 -0.37
JMH USD 58.64 -0.26
Meghmani SDS 0.65 -0.15


Global Index Updates

NASDAQ: Nasdaq Composite opens Up at 7,530.16 to 26.23 points from previous close 7,485.14.

STI: Straits Times Index opens Down to 3,057.31 and the previous close is 3,062.51

HKEX: Hang Seng index opens Up today 25,668.33 from the previous close 25,561.40

KLSE: FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index opens down today 1,730.26 from the previous CLOSE 1,732.14


Commodity Market

Comex Gold: After making a very zealous candle last week, gold has revived again during the week. This is a good sign, and it seems that the level of $ 1175 below is largely supported, and if we break down below, then it is possible that we might reach $ 1100 after the level, and after that $ 1000 To reach the level.

Comex Crude Oil: Based on the initial price action, the direction of the December WTI crude oil market can be determined by the trading response of $ 70.40 on the main Fibonacci level on Monday. Since the market is trading for the second Thursday from $ 69.99 to $ 68.53 in the previous Thursday, these prices may be the actual breakout level today. So if you are more aggressive then use these levels as trigger points.


Singapore Dollar SGD:

Forex Signals: USD/SGD is trading at 1.3764 SGD. Its previous close is 1.3777 SGD and day range is 1.3762 – 1.382

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