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A sense of unease is on the upward push, with the 2017 and with it, Singapore’s safe-haven status has soared. As Traders across the world are seeking safe haven in precious metals, they need someplace to place it all, and that place, for a lot of them, is Singapore. With rise in the price of gold has increased the interest of traders in gold investment.

Price of gold has been on the rise so far this year, with traders seeking to spread their risk amid uncertainty over global economic growth and wide unease. In this article we are giving an overview of gold hikes in Singapore.


There are various factors which are responsible for the rate hike in gold and we will give you the gold tips to trade gold profitably in Singapore.

• Higher inflation expectations
As per the analysis, inflationary guidelines adopted by Singapore and US are in all likelihood to increase speculative flows into ETFs related to gold.

In 2017, gold is mainly pushed by using better fiscal spending among rising rates, which might sooner or later cause inflation higher. Moreover, enforcing Trump’s pledge to lay tariffs on Singapore imports may cause a trade conflict among the two buying and selling partners, resulting in decreased trade volumes and increasing rates for US buyers.

Market rates in Singapore have significantly increased money supply boom within the economic system. Markets have a tendency to save their capital in gold with a purpose to hedge against inflationary stress. So traders can trade gold using gold trading signals for profit earning.

Price of gold|gold tips|gold trading signals|Gold Trading Tips|gold trading recommendations

• Asian demand
As per the World Gold Council, gold demand by China has dropped in 2016, with third quarter customer demand at 182.5 tons, low 22% from the same duration in 2015. Markets are expected for Singapore’s gold demand to stay on hike in 2017.


Markets are awaiting gold expenses to backside out at the states and stage a minor restoration again in the direction of the support-turned-resistance of month-to-month 20-SMA in H1 2017. Simplest a constant break above month on month 20-SMA, could emphasize the bounce towards the confluence area of monthly 10 & 50-SMA among $ 1262-$ 1280 stages.

Over the 2017’s second half, the charges are expected to centralize the restoration above $ 1200 ranges, sooner or later averaging about $ 1250 inside the 2017’s last three months. Staying updated with gold tips could be helpful to know the exact prices.

Price of gold|gold tips|gold trading signals|Gold Trading Tips|gold trading recommendations
Gold rates are possibly to see some support in first half of 2017. We can see price of gold in 2017 to be more volatile, and buying and selling inside a narrow corridor. Any black swan event will force it out of range once in a while, but have to be short-term. We continue to be effective on gold as an asset class.


As we all know that if the price of gold rises then it will have an adverse effect on stock market as it results in the decrease of stock market. The reason behind the effect is that the gold and stock market are inversely proportional to each other.

If one rises than other will definitely decreases and vice versa. So this year the SGX stock market could see a down turn in its growth due the rising gold. So traders who are expecting to trade stock market should be aware of stock prices and should trade carefully to earn profit.

It’s better for traders to consider gold as a heaven and should buy gold for security. They can trade gold using gold trading recommendations and earn higher amount of profit.

Price of gold|gold tips|gold trading signals|Gold Trading Tips|gold trading recommendations


Being a gold trader it’s important to know the condition of gold market and price of gold. Rising gold could be both beneficial and leads to loss depend totally on your strategy and decision making. For proper decision you should analyze the market properly and could use gold trading tips to do so.

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