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The motive of Our Blog is to provide knowledge about trading stocks, forex and commodity and analysis of the current market so that traders could create profitable strategy for investment.

Singapore REITs vs Singapore STOCKS

REITs or Real Estate Investment Trust and Stocks are two major investment categories in Singapore Stock Market. REITs investor, invest in trusts that own and manage real estate properties. Investor become kind of owner of that land property. Whereas in stock investment, investors buy stocks of listed companies from STI and become part owner of … Continue reading "Singapore REITs vs Singapore STOCKS"

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The Best Strategy for Gold Traders: Learn Gold-Silver Ratio

Gold Silver Ratio is the best tool for creating a strategy for gold traders and investors. You have probably heard many times about gold-silver ratio, but you might not have known about how it is being used by the market traders as buying and selling signals in the commodities trading market. The following article will … Continue reading "The Best Strategy for Gold Traders: Learn Gold-Silver Ratio"

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Make money through dividend investing in SGX stocks

Can you imagine a stream of income on top of your salary through dividend? Read further to know about how you can earn through dividend investing. “It is not the economy that determines your income, it is your own personal development” ? Mac Duke The money you earn from your 9 to 5 job is … Continue reading "Make money through dividend investing in SGX stocks"

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