If you are looking for best stock investment strategies, keep reading because in this blog we are going to tell you about various popular strategies which will maximize your profit and minimize your risk factor.


1)      Stick To The Fundamentals:

The best and most reliable stock picks not only for Malaysian market but it apply to ever where. Stick to the fundamental rules of the market. You can also follow the technical and fundamental analysis and can take decisions based on that. Never get confused with the sudden trend change in the market nor give in to panic.

2)      Buy And Hold Strategy:

This particular style is ideal for a long period of time. If you are going to earn via dividends than this stock signal is a wise choice. This strategy Is mainly apply for long term investment because the traders usually buys the stock of certain companies and keep them for long term.

3)      Technical Analysis:

This strategy is basically used to forecast the directions of price through the study of past and current market data i.e. price and volume. Under technical analysis you should look for variety of different pattern such as double bottom, heads and shoulders, double top etc… your major goal should be to gain big and lose small with the intent to have a positive return in the long run and this can be done by proper risk control and money management.

4)      Do Not Surrender The Sentiments:

Never surrender to the sentiments; this is one of the Malaysia stock tips which determine your emotional strength. If you are trading with Malaysian market make sure that you should have strong control on your emotions.


Including the above stock investment picks you should also have a close eye on the movement of company, once you have an idea of how the company is currently performing and how it is expected to perform in the future, you will be in much better positions to make decisions about the future of the company.

You must be thinking that why stock picking is so important. Why worry so much about it? Why you should spend hours doing this? And the answer is simple: “wealth”.

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