Kepple Corporation Stock Analysis

Being a potential Singaporean investor you should be aware of hot stocks in the market. Here is the analysis of one of the hot stock.

The market never stops changing then why should you stay still?

While investing in Singapore the market awareness should be the utmost priority. And, just being aware will not be enough for you. You should know the fundamental and technical aspects of the market as well as about the respective company; that you want to invest in.

There is a lot going on the Singapore Stock Exchange and list of trending stocks is changing daily. MMF Solutions has brought the special report on one of the trending stocks.

Keppel corporation is our winner in hot stock and here are the reasons.


Let’s introduce you to the company.

Keppel Corporation

Keppel Corporation (SGX: BN4) is a company in Singapore which has embarked its print globally in four sectors that are Property, Infrastructure, Offshore & Marine, and investment business. It is changing future of many shareholders from 50 years. Sustainability growth and empowering lives are its mission and Keppel is thriving on it.

Keppel Stock Analysis

You can see Keppel Corp is 3rd in the hot stock list after Singtel and Genting. But you have been listening about Singtel and Genting and you might know about them. But our special report on Keppel is connected to recent news.


Keppel Corp on News

Keppel land on December 18th stated that its wholly owned subsidiary PT Sukses Manis Indonesia has signed an agreement with PT Metropolitan Land (Metland), an Indonesian Property Developer to build 12-hectare residential site in Metland Menteng in East Jakarta Indonesia. This joint operation will yield 500 landed homes. 50% stakes will be with Keppel land. Of the Estimated cost of development, Keppel Land has S$ 57 million in its share.


Analysis of Keppel Corporation


Keppel Corporation Analysis


BN4.SI Keppel CORP



Fundamental analysis is very important when you study about the company and when you want to invest in that company. Fundamental analysis includes the current status of the company and all the numbers related to stocks trading i.e share price, P/E ratio, Dividend, Dividend Yield and many more.

Above is the chart analysis of STI (Strait Time Index) and Keppel Corporation of two years. You can understand from the chart that for the last two years even if the Singapore market was down Keppel Corp was growing strongly. In two years Keppel has increased by 3.80%.

With the market capitalization of S$10.802B and Revenue of S$5.961B, the current 30 days average volume of Keppel Corporation is 3,019,023.

P/E ratio is 32.78 times which is the highest compared to Singtel, Capitaland, and DBS. The data provided above is according to our study on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and Share-investor.


Keppel Corp Fundamental Analysis
image source

As on Wednesday, Keppel Corp was offering Interim cash dividend of 10.0 cents per share and dividend yield of 4.83%. In 2017 it was 3.33%.

At present, the Keppel Corporation open at 6.01 and closed at 6.01. Its 52-week range is 6.00-8.86

Here are the quarterly balance sheet and income statement of Keppel corporation by Bloomberg analysis.

Keppel Corp Bloomberg Analysis



Keppel Corp Technical Analysis

A 13 week and 65-week simple moving average crosses downward and price rejection around this averages clearly visible on charts. The stock broke strong support of 6.20 SGD recently. 

Break of support now acts as resistance. Stock can slide further to test the level of 5.70 SGD and even further till 5.50 SGD. RSI momentum indicators also making lower lows and trading below middle zone mark of 50 suggest lack of strength in pull back. Any pullback in price can be used to sell the stock at a higher level.

Price pattern wise bear flag formation break out with volume confirms breakout is real. To reverse this downtrend stock has to consolidate for some time and show some support around 5.50 SGD level.

Stock’s immediate monthly support and resistance level are as under:

S2 5.64           S1: 5.85           R1: 6.28         R2: 6.49

The takeaway from MMF solutions

With all the data and knowledge provided above, you can understand Keppel Corporation is the right choice to invest in Singapore Stocks. With the new investment strategy in property in Jakarta Indonesia, we can say more investors would like to invest in Keppel Corporation.

But as a potential investor, you should always, always do research about the balance sheet, strength, flow situation, cash flow and future growth planning of the respective company. Always plan your investment which is risk-averse and profitable.


“Risk comes when you don’t know what are you doing”

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