Intraday Stock Picks

A trader who buys a stock today and sells the stock 30 minutes before closing of Singapore market is an intraday stock trader and requires a regular intraday stock picks.

Intraday trading is riskier compared to another stock trading in general. Many a time people invest more than the risk-taking capacity of individual and face financial crunches later. However, many investors also earn good returns from intraday stock trading.

Every investor based in Singapore thinks what to do when recession pops up in the nation. As people are, already facing cash crunches and investment decisions are harder to take, in such scenario which intraday stock picks they must follow, is a big question.

Expert advice to take intraday stock investment tips

So let us discuss its importance:

1. Reduce risk:

At the time of recession, SGX stock market might also affect as the economy might effect, so in order to reduce risk and better play safe, it is advised to take the stock investment tips by experts.

It is advised better to play safe than face loss. Therefore, investors must only invest in SGX stocks that are suggested by the stock advisor.

2.Helps in Planning:

Intraday stock trading requires a proper planning of entry and exit, and at the time of recession, it is even tough to determine these levels. Therefore, with help of share investment tips, you can plan your entry as well as exit strategies. Otherwise, it is very tough to have an estimation of taking the exit on correct time.

3.Helps you to move in line with the markets:

Many times it happens investors ignore the market conditions, start trading with emotions and overlook the market states. Therefore, for all such investors, share investment tips plays a crucial role and guide you with the latest market updates and selling.

Tips to invest when the market is not favorable

When the market is not in favor, people tend to save more and spend only for the basic requirements and not on luxuries. So invest accordingly for the companies dealing with the type of product they sell.

 1. Never ever overpay for any stock. Try to buy a tangible share of the company, which are trading below the book value of the company.

2.Look for the press release, news, announcements of the company before buying the shares as it might happen that the company is performing extremely worst and later have a possibility of high performance.

3.Try to diversify the investments in terms of industry.

Bottom line

Investments are key to successful returns. If the market is low today, chances are high that it might stand up and run tomorrow. So try improving your strategies when the market is bearish and try implementing strategies when the market is bullish.

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