Singapore stock picks

“Are you looking for Singapore stock picks for investing in Singapore market?”


For this first have a glance at Singapore market!!!


Singapore is triple-A rated economy, and also world’s second freest economy. Major industries of this market are banking and finance, biomedical, tourism, logistics and construction.


There are many reasons to invest in this particular market as:

  • They have no capital gains tax
  • It is considered to be world’s second freest economy
  • It is amongst the Asia’s most creditworthy nations
  • They have a diversified economy
  • Also Asia’s international exchange for more than 40% of companies is listed on SGX


Now, if we talk about Singapore share market signal, it is especially designed for people who trade in the stock market on day to day basis. It has proper recommendations, which are based on live markets and indicates proper entry level, targets and stop loss.


If we see Singapore investment stock picks, many people are wondering that whether the market is expensive or cheap right now. There are two ways by which we can determine this:

  • Comparing market’s current valuation with its long run historical average
  • The other one is to determine the number of net-net stocks.


With respect to markets’ current valuation, it is important to keep some basics in mind like average PE (price to earnings) ratio, cases of extreme valuations and Straits Time Index (market referred in local context).


Net-net stocks are the one with current assets minus total liabilities; it comes out to be a great bargain theoretically. This is why investors get great discount on company’s current assets net of all liabilities. Further company’s fixed assets are under that for free.


So, speaking logically these stocks are appearing in large quantity therefore they should be cheap in Singapore.

Singapore stock picks for May:

Moving further let’s talk aboutsome Singapore stock picks for the month of MAY:

  • Accordia Golf trust
  • Amara Holdings
  • Avi-tech Electronics
  • Bread Talk Group
  • Bund Centre Investment


According to the SGX Market study, these are top five Singapore stock picks in the Singapore market and recommended by the analysts. Also while investing we should keep in mind that some stocks do well very fast well some of them take time and risk factor involved must not be overlooked.

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