In trading, it is quite important to stay invested in the right stocks at the right time. Profits come only when you have managed both – the entry point and the exit point – of a stock so as to enter at a low level and buy higher!

If you are a trader in Singapore and are expecting to make promising earning, you should know which stocks in SGX Singapore arehot at this time and why you should invest in them!

Here are some stocks experts would suggest:

  • Penny stock investors can take it on Global Yellow Pages to a price as low as $.04. This stock according to experts looks a prospective idea at this time because the company recently found one of its investor increasing trading interest and enhancing his shareholding in the company.If you regularly read SGX stock picks, you should have certainly heard about Tiger Airways. Tiger Airways has been lately in news because it has optimistic expansion plans overseas. In addition, SIA, one of its shareholders, has increased its holding thereby given the company the desired pep up. This would mean some ambitious outcomes for the company and profits for you as a stock holder.
  • Another exceptional and gainful stock in focus for you is Frasers Commercial Trust. The group registered a noteworthy rise of 8.8% in the 4th quarter ending September in its net worth. This is an evident outcome of decreased property operational expenses at China Square Central and increasing rental and occupancy rate.

Also, the company’s master lease expired at Alexandra Technopark turned out to be a huge contribution as it left company with an extra $15 million. This clearly means that every existing shareholder’s earning will be higher by $.0221 per unit.

It is a good idea to cross-verify the facts and SGX stock picks from multiple resources, however as per analysts, this is the right time to profitable stocks as these.

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