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Every investor has a dilemma where he or she always want to figure out about the stocks in which they should invest so that they can gain valuable returns. Therefore, they look for an intermediate guide wherein they prefer best stock recommendations for profitable returns.

In addition, they like to research more and more about various stocks and equities prevailing in Singapore stock markets.

Investors believe that stock trading is now a day a sure shot way to earn profits. Moreover, equity investment is nowadays much more economical.

Therefore, here are the

6 steps guide for you to start with stock investment:

1.State clear objectives

It is a common believe that stock investment is suitable for high-risk appetite investors. Thus, being an investor you should be more inclined towards focused and active equity investing. For this, a constant alert on stock picks and equity, which you are holding, is required.

Thus, a clear objective is to be inclined towards your investment goals and risk taking ability.

2.Establish a CDP account

Before trading in Singapore share markets, a central depository account is required which helps in safeguarding the share investments you have purchased.

SGX CDP will help you ensuring smooth operations. Also, they are 3 types:

  • Individual account
  • Joint account
  • Corporate account

3.Go for your trading account

Choose a stock tips provider for equity trading. Open a trading account with the broker and deposit some amount for stock trading.

Ensure that you choose some reliable company, which will safeguard your money and share best stock recommendations for a high volume of profits.

4.Link your bank account

In order to ensure direct payment for stocks you buy, linking your bank account with your CDP account is important.

5.Estimate your investment plan

Now you are all set to plan to buy your stocks, but before buying try to estimate your capital investment in any stock. And make sure that you don’t invest your entire capital in stock buying rather try to invest in multiple sources and do not overlook your risk capabilities.

6.Monitor your stock you buy

Finally, now it is time to monitor the stocks, which, you bought for investing. Also, keep an eye on various stock picks that will help you determine the stock movements.

Now let us look at the

5 investment stocks trading with highest dividend yields:

  • Mapletree Logistics Trust
  • Mapeltree industrial trust
  • Ascendas Real estate investment trust
  • Singapore telecommunication limited
  • Overseas Chinese Banking Corp Limited

Experts’ advice:

Never ignore any small movement in SGX stock market and try to maximize the use of stock recommendations before investing in Singapore stock markets.

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