Gold Tips and Geopolitical Tensiona

Gold is most bullish on the daily charts now a day and the credit goes to geopolitical tensions prevailing in the globe today. Gold has crossed its MACD (Moving average convergence divergence) and some news pops up saying gold prices will go high and very next moment news shows gold price will fall which can be confirmed through gold tips.

With this bullish metal, an investor is in a dilemma that whether he should buy or sell the gold commodity.

Thus,traders rely on various gold tips and gold trading signals when the globe is suffering from geopolitical tensions.

Let us understand what are the geopolitical tensions prevailing in the globe:

1. Middle East tensions with United States where US is taking actions against countries like Afghanistan, Syria

2. Steady Unemployment rate in United Kingdom and no growth in regular pay rise leading to decrease consumer spending in UK. This is creating a big headache for Bank of England.

3. North Korea relations with United States, where North Korea officials claims to response back with a nuclear attack on US if any threat arrives from United States.

4. France presidential elections can also affect the geopolitical tensions if the results are not in favor.

Consequently, all these tensions are main reasons because of which investors are dicey about their investments in Gold and other commodity markets.

The Graph shows Gold movement in the past 4 months. In addition, the movements are either very high or very low. With such scenario comex gold live tips will help investors to take the next call for Commodity markets.

Gold Tips during geopolitical tensions

Relation between gold tips and geopolitical tensions

1. Gold can be a profitable commodity only if you keep an keen eye on gold signals and invest accordingly

2. Focus on all XAU/USD live signals. As it is been witnessed that, any movement in USD will have a direct opposite impact on the movement of Gold.

3. You should remember that gold does not always gain during geopolitical tensions. The best example for this can be the November 2015 Paris attack and 2016 Brussels attacks. So take gold trading tips seriously at the time of geopolitical tensions.

4. Many a times, these tensions end soon and gold prices fall straightaway and this calls a loss for gold traders. You can be expert in gold trading when you follow the latest commodity tips and reduce your chance of making loss.

5. You can become Pro in gold trading when updated with gold tips and then in a long run you can take advantage of this bullish gold trading even in the geopolitical tensions.

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