According to the latest tidings, the Gold prices were really low as the ongoing demand for the U.S. dollar is continuously getting under-pinned and under-valued by the diverging and fledgling monetary policy stance amidst the Federal Reserve and central banks in Asia and Europe.

On the part of the comex trading signals it has been predicted that the comex gold prices will rise to a session high of $1,207.60 a troy ounce, prior to settling at $1,197.70 by close of trade, up $6.80, or 0.57%.

The daily comex signals were likely to find a strong support at $1,173.90, the low from November 19, and a staunch resistance offered at $1,216.50. The market saw a quiet of stealthy dissipations in these terms.

According to the comex trading recommendation Gold can still branch out good benefits from such a healthy environment of easy money because of the rising and fulfilling expectations that amplify the liquidity that would put a damper on the ongoing value of the existing paper currencies.

Also additionally the silver futures for the upcoming delivery gained quite a jump from the 0.13% at $3.033 a pound which is quite incredible.

The latest movements would surely increase the demand base for all the industrial metals which would translate for better prospects in comex trading.

With this you can earn more profit with the help of our professionals commodity trading signals as well as packages.

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