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Last week an unexpected attack hit on Manchester, which showed different effects on Forex, Comex and share markets. The countries found a huge rise in gold trading prices where 3 weeks higher prices of gold was quoted. Before this, the gold trading signals were showing altogether a different position.

The gold market is a volatile market and highly affected by the economic changes, political changes, geopolitical changes, wars, terrorist attack and all the incidents happening in the world.

Gold prices hit around £973.55 post the government announced country’s threat level as critical. Spot gold was around 0.1% due to dollar falling down because of emerging geopolitical tensions.

Further spot gold was advanced by 2.2 % last week due to Trumps’ suspected links with Russia and firing of former Federal Bureau of investigation-raised concerns about Trumps’ ability towards rising fiscal stimulations.

Let us unleash the gold signals in different existing situations:

1. US employment situations:

Currently there has been an increase in US employment rate compared to last month currently 211,000 job addition was observed this month compared to 79,000 job addition in last month. Now the unemployment rate is around 4.4% and earlier it was around 4.5%.

Its impact on gold:

In a long run higher impact on employment rates will strengthen US$ and thus gold will be losing.

2. Interest rate outlook affecting gold prices:

 In US Fed interest rate route will determine gold trading prices and the gold trading signals will be affected by the 2nd quarter growth rate. In addition, labor market conditions are expected to strengthen with ongoing fiscals.

Its impact on gold:

Due to weak inflation rates, real interest rates might rise which can negatively affect gold as higher interest rates attracts investors to park money in assets, which have high yield interest instead of gold investments.

Last note:

With all these news, as per latest gold trading tips, it is a good sell opportunity in gold as it is a beginning towards a stall and with June Fed meeting a great opportunity is expected around 80%. And around 100% a pressure on gold is expected and later, a great buy opportunity is identified.

Gold is always a volatile market as it gets affected with various factors and thus a strong gold trading price signals must be considered before investing in gold.

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