Get the Profitable Share Trading Tips for Bursa Malaysia stock market

The share market is a trading platform for investors and firms to trade with company’s shares. In Malaysia, the main share exchange market is “Bursa Malaysia”. The Bursa Malaysia previously known as (Kuala Lumpur stock exchange) is a major share market index which monitors the performance of 30 largest organizations via complete market capitalization which is listed on the main board of the Bursa Malaysia.

The investors who are investing their capital in trading, it’s helpful to get Malaysia share market tips and implement that investing rules in Bursa Malaysia stock market to get profit potential. Therefore, I would like to share some key aspects on how to invest in bursa Malaysia stock exchange.

Invest in those companies which consistently make profit after listed:

When trading, a trader should invest only in those companies which are consistently making profit from so many years. By investing in profitable company you will be sure about the company’s management that they will be capable to manage their firm by making profit for them as well as to share holders like you.

As a result, you will never have to consider new ‘Initial Public Offering’ (IPO) stocks or any kind of stock without making remarkable & considerable profit.


Invest in the company, where chance of losing company is very rare:

Bursa Malaysia is one the company which earns money by getting commissions from you when you’re trading in stocks. The more you do trading, the more Bursa earns. Similarly, the less you trade in the market, the less Bursa earns. Their overall expenses are low as well as their business model is also simple therefore risk of losing capital is minimum. Thus, you should opt Bursa for investing instead of any other security firm as there will be low risk of losing your money.

Do Not Invest In High Debts or High Gearing Stocks:

When trading, check the balance sheet thoroughly. The financial obligation of the company you’re investing in should not be largely moderated for any firm which is demolished. Although, the chance of exception is provided to established company as their purpose of high debts improve the ‘return on equity’. But for local or small scale companies, you should be aware of how to start stock trading in Malaysia before investing your capital.

‘Price Earning’ Ratio is less than ‘Return on Equity’:

 Do not invest in stocks before getting proper stock trading tips or which is only based on Price earnings ratio. Although, the low PE is good but might be it shows that you’re investing with low prospect.

The PE could be high but must be equal or less the ‘Return on Equity’. And if ROE is high, you can accept the stocks with high PE.


Understanding of stock market is important when trading in Bursa Malaysia trade market. The ups & down present in the stock market leads trader to involve high risk premiums which create high capital cost.

Predictions of share market volatility have got major attention by various practitioners and this can be explained through the importance of volatility predictions in investment, risk management and derivatives pricing.

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