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When we talk about the European markets, France is amongst the largest economy. It is also believed that France is highly involved when influencing the social and political decisions are involved. Therefore, when such a major country goes for the political changes that is French election, the Forex Pairs and Euros are highly affected.

Let us analyze how the French elections has affected Forex Pairs:

France Background:

When compared to Dollar, Euro has moved weaker in the past years. The Greece financial crises and other European countries’ financial crises threats has always forced a slow growth in European GDP. Because of this European Central Bank lowered interest rates. In addition, growth in France has managed only 1% growth. Also the unemployment rate has touched a graph of 10%.

Post Result announcement:

Macron is the new president of France. Andduring pre result announcement, the EUR/USD focused higher above 1.08. later yesterday, euro was down around 0.1%.

Also the other European currencies that were abstracted from Eurozone were sliding down.

It is expected that now the European stocks can lift up to 20% year on year. And the investors are very satisfied with the winning of Macron and now with the help of Forex Trading Signals, a shift in Forex investment can be observed.

Also a treasury will continue to rally around for 10 years.

With the win of Macron, US equities, risk assets, Forex Currency (as per Forex Currency trading Tips) will climb the high ladder.

Also post his win, a shift in employment and hiring rules can be observed because of which companies will have permanent employees. This will also boost the interest of investment, economically stronger nation and attraction towards Forex Trading and Forex signals.

His win will now reinsure the investors for refocus their attentions on the Eurozone fundamentals.

Impact on Forex Pairs before election:

  • Euro observed a 6 month high value,
  • Yen edged higher toward risk antipathy
  • Canadian dollar climbed down towards a 14 month low

Now when Macron will walk ahead with the journey of President, we can observe further changes in the Forex markets.

Keep a deep check on Forex pairs and research about currencies with the most profitable Daily Forex Tips inorder to take advantage of French President elections.

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