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Financial advisory services provided by experts are always clubbed with the most Profitable stock picks of KLSE stock market. Most of the stock market traders prefer to hire a professional financial advisor which not only helps them in sharing latest stock market predictions but also guide them with the best stock market trading practices.

Everyday Stock market updates are floating on internet and news channels which further confuse stock market traders and they are unable to take stock market trading decisions. This leads to under utilization of capital which is invested by those traders.

In such case hiring the financial advisory services offered by experts is highly recommended as they are well versed with Stock market Malaysia moving trends and patterns.

Here are the top-

10 stock picks which the expert’s of stock advisory services have researched by analyzing the stock market 2017 predictions:

1.Unisem M Bhd: A strong forecast of 9,480% increase in share price

Unisem M Bhd is a company which deals in manufacturing of semiconductor devices and in Malaysia it has its own testing units and assembly points.

In Malaysia, the company’s net income is around 172.50 M MYR.

Financial advisory services

As per the stock market today and experts of Financial advisory services this KLSE stock will outperform in the coming time and a strong buy and hold call is recommended.

Last year the share price of 3.81 is now forecasted at a high of 500 on a higher side and 311 on a lower side of the prediction.

The 5-year trend of revenues and profits of UNISEM as per stock market Malaysia experts are:

Financial advisory services

Other important information regarding UNISEM are: 

1 Yr Return 55.05%
Current P/E Ratio 17.14
Market Cap (b MYR) 2.957
Dividend Yield 2.73%
Average Growth rate +22.05%

2.Rexit BHD: A Malaysian company with market cap of 170.40 M MYR

Rexit is a company with an objective of investment holding and deals in IT solutions and related business segments. The company has marked revenues of 19.74 M MYR and a net income of 7.10 M MYR. The year on year revenue growth of this Malaysian based company is around 11% and year on year growth of net income is around 29%.

The expert statement of best financial advisory services states that the company shall perform quite well when compared to its competitors which will attract both stock market traders and the stock picks experts.

Financial advisory services

The earnings per share of the company have also shown a remarkable growth because of which the stock market Malaysia investors are attracted towards the company performance:

The last month stock performance of the company is:

Financial advisory services

The overall performance of Rexit BHD is a clear sign of growth as per the market information of the stock market today.

Financial advisory services

The 5-year trend of revenues and profits of Rexit BHD as per stock market Malaysia experts are:

Financial advisory services

Other important information regarding Rexit BHD are:

1 Yr Return 88.65%
Current P/E Ratio 23.80
Market Cap (b MYR) 168.857
Dividend Yield 3.17%

3.Aluminium Co of Malaysia Bhd: The company with a net income growth of +541.08%

The company Aluminium co. of Malaysia is known for its manufacturing and trading in aluminum sheets and various other foil productions.

The company has marked a net income 11.61 M MYR and booked the revenue with 317.13 M.

The revenue growth of the company is 10.34% and the net income growth is of 541.08%.

Earlier this company was facing huge financial losses but a continues efforts of the company management and employees have helped to manage the huge growth rate and success of the company. Also, the growth in sales via exports & a huge control mechanism on the direct cost helped to manage the company to jump into the green zone.

Financial advisory services

Simultaneously the company has also shown a growth in dividend per share.

Div yield(5 year AVG) 7.46%
Div growth rate (5 year) 29.52%

With this growth, the company has also grown with context to the earning per share. This is good with the investor’s point of view and also shows a positive stock market 2017 predictions.

The last month stock performance of the company is:

Financial advisory services

m Co of Malaysia Bhd are:

Financial advisory services

1 Yr Return


Current P/E Ratio 19.59
Market Cap (b MYR) 231.049
Dividend Yield 11.92%

Stocks Market Reseachar last note:

We know you are excited about other similar stock picks. Let us connect you with our experts from our financial advisory services who can help you in not only sharing the best stock market 2017 predictions but also help you with your personalized trading needs.

A Malaysian stock market is a place with lots of curiosities and excitement where daily traders thrill themselves with the bulls and bears of the stock market today.

If you too want to thrill yourself with the stock market Malaysia & earn certain returns, you can start your free 3 days trial and become a pro trader in no time.

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