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Comex being a trading market is a profitable source to enhance wealth performance. Traders & investors majorly use to trade in Gold & Silver future contracts. Although Comex trading includes trading in other precious metals such as Copper, Aluminum, Crude oil etc. but Gold & Silver future contracts are the valuable one in order to gain substantial profit.  In order to minimize the risks throughout the trading, Gold & Silver future contract is the most applicable way.

What are Futures Contracts?

The futures contract is an agreement for delivery of Gold & Silver in the near future. The contract is regulated by future exchange in terms of quantity, quality & time.  For the hedgers, futures contracts are the beneficial Comex tips which are used to manage the price risk.

The future contract includes two different positions which include long buy position to get the delivery of physical metal & short sell position to make the delivery.

Advantage of Future Contracts in Comex Trading

As future contracts are traded at centralized exchanges, it’s the best Comex trading recommendation for traders to gain leverage in their trades.

As trading future contracts require performance margin, there is a less capital requirement as compared to the physical market.

Gold-Silver future contracts don’t signify counterpart risks to the traders & investors.

In Short

Trading through future contracts is the beneficial medium to trade with minimal risk. As market involves substantial risks, undoubtedly it requires fine trading experience to understand the market.

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