Chinese New year Celebrations 2016

Crafted with vibrant colors, joy and extreme refreshment, Chinese New Year is on the way to with lots of energy & positivity. Being a Chinese festival, it is one of the biggest & heartedly celebrated New Year festival celebrated amongst Chinese communities in the Singapore which lasts for fifteen days.

The festival is also named as Lunar New Year and the spring festival where people integrate and hope for luck & prosperity for long. The festival is on the way and peoples with their families are keen to celebrate.

The every corner of the city including shopping malls & streets are beautifully dressed-up with alluring decorations, witnessing a zeal & enthusiasm among the people.

Facts about Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year festival is a major celebration which is celebrated in several countries in Asia including Korea & other East Asian countries.

The Date Variation

Chinese New Year date changes every year & the falls between January 21 & February 20, as per the Chinese lunar calendar.

Every time the New Year is initiated with new animal’s Zodiac year

It’s been a traditional to name this New Year by one of the 12 animals. And this time, the 2016 year is going to be celebrated with the sign named Monkey.

It’s a festival where Red Envelopes are exchanged

Yes, several red envelopes with cash is given by the older one to younger ones which is termed as ‘lucky money’. Also, people use to wear red clothes, as the red color keep the bad luck away.

In Short

Apart from this, several events & celebrations are ready to make you go happy. Experience the Chinese New Year with zeal & zest happening this February 8th 2016.

MMF Solutions Singapore Warmly Wishes, Happy New Year!

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