Singapore Blue Chip Stock Investment Plan

When it comes to Stock investment, the financially strong traders and solid financial institutions always prefer buying the blue chip stock and focus on their specific Blue chip stock investment plans.

We have continuously heard Blue chip stocks, the investment plan for Singapore’s blue chip signals and we keep wondering what will be the returns out of this investment.

However, what exactly is blue chip stock investment Plan?

When you have SGD 30,000 or above, you can actively start investing in blue chip stocks, which will not only take you forward towards the first step of achieving your financial goals but also give you high dividend yields.

In SGX blue chip stock investment plan, the latest blue chip stock signals are shared which guide traders with a complete strategy of when to buy stocks and which stocks to buy for investment in Singapore markets.

Why should you opt for Singapore Blue chip stock?

When we look at the Straits time index (STI) of Singapore, it is listed with 30 companies, which fall into blue chip stocks of Singapore. These companies are present in the market from more than a century.

Over past 15 years, the STI gave a return of over 195% SGD. The banks listed in STI and the real estate companies gave an average total return of 57.8% & 54.2% respectively.

In addition, STI shares the highest rate of dividend yield among the Asian countries’ companies.

Therefore, investors keenly look for the latest Blue chip stock signals for huge profit bookings.

What are the benefits of blue chip stock investment?

1. You deal with stable blue chip companies

When any company owns a position of stability and continual growth in the market, the investors are relaxed with the risk of investing money in blue chip companies of Singapore. Therefore, you can solely concentrate on blue chip stock picks and achieve a huge return on investments.

2.Plenty of dividend updates:

When the company is working well, the investors are happy with the performance of Blue chip stock listed company, the company also take care of investors by offering dividends on the shares.

The dividends are added income on the Singapore blue chip stock investment.

3.High returns on capital

When the investors purchase blue chip shares, the investors are assured of the returns on the investment he or she has done.

The Final Note for Blue chip stock investment picks:

When investors have a higher value for the investment, we strongly recommended buying stocks from STI list as you will not only gain the extra benefits of buying blue chip stocks but also the advanced dividends and lower level of risk shall be involved.

With Multi Management & Future Solutions, you can start your investment in blue chip stocks from a minimum amount of 30,000 SGD and create a portfolio of assured returns with daily 2 live blue chip stock signals.

Start a free trial and design your blue chip stock portfolio with fruitful returns now!

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