Best Stock Trading Apps

Are you the trader of the 21st century? Are you part of the technological revolution?

If your answer is yes; then we at Multi Management Future Solutions deliver some prominent information to make your trading simpler than ever. Nowadays everything from food to cloth, from exercise to entertainment; all things are on our fingertip.

Then why should trading stay behind?

Let us tell you,

Trading is also possible in your fingertip. There are trading apps where you can trade whenever you want. They will tell you the latest information about stock market, price movement, charts, list of companies whichever you want to invest in.

Isn’t it wonderful?

But first, let’s know about why stock trading apps are important.

Importance of Stock Trading Apps

If you are serious about trading and you want to use every second of the market with efficiency, then you should have all the sources on the palm of your hand. The stock trading app makes your trading easy.

One more advantage of using apps for trading is, Apps do not compromise with safety and security, therefore, few of the trading apps give you high-level security.
The help and suggestion features of apps give you useful guidance from the expert that can be very helpful for your risk management.

Like that there are many other benefits of having a stock trading app on your mobile. Let’s dive into the information and learn something new.

Here are the 5 best stock trading apps:

Spiking: Stock Exchange Market Investing & Trading

Play Store rating- 4.3
Offered By- Spiking

Singapore’s first ever social trading platform; Spiking launched in 2016 is attaining new heights every day. Spiking keeps you up with NASDAQ, Dow Jones, NYSE, AMEX, S&P Stock Exchange and many more; it provides verified stock market news and data. You can download from your iPhone or from Google Play.

Newsfeed, price alert, virtual portfolio (by AI Robobull), and tracking are a couple of the compelling features of spiking. But the best thing about it is; thousands of savvy investors from NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX Exchange, HKEX Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SGX Singapore Stock Exchange and Bursa Malaysia are already using this app.

How to Start

You can sign-in by using your Gmail or Facebook account. After that, you can select the stocks of the various stock market and your portfolio will be ready and you can trade subsequently.

ROBINHOOD: Invest Stock, Crypto, ETF & Coin

Play store rating- 4.6
Downloads-1 Million
Offered by- Robinhood

As the name suggests based on Robinhood character who took money from rich and gave it to the poor. Well, Robinhood is not that kind of app but because of no commission fee; it is widely famous among new trader.

By using this you can Invest in stocks, ETFs digital assets, etc. It is very simplistic to use. Along with standard plans, it also offers premium plans for more advanced features. You will get everything in one place and you will never miss an E-Trade opportunity. This is the best free trading app for all time.

How to start

It is easy! Sign up in the app, make a deposit. After that search whichever company you want to invest, add it, monitor the company revenue and trade when you find it suitable.

Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Play store rating- 4.3
Downloads- 1 Million+
Offered by -Acorns

As you can see millions of users are using it already.

Why should you stay behind?

Acorns is a simple, user-friendly stock trading app which comes with different prices and it is best for beginners.

If you want to start with the trading apps, this should be your first choice. Features like ACORN SPENDS-to spend in a smarter way, ACORN LATER- to save for later and many more like that, to make your trading easier than ever. You can put your dividends to work when they automatically invest them for you.

How to start-

You will need a valid email id and secure pass. AcORNS can also create 4-digit passcode for you. Then you have to link your bank account and any credit/debit card information, which will be helpful for ACORNS’ “round-up” feature where it spends your spare changes for you.

It will ask investment and life-related question to make the best suitable portfolio for you. After the portfolio making, you can look for the company and further operation.


Play store rating 3.9
Downloads 1 Million
Offered By E*TRADE Financial

If you are a proficient trader, you can trust this app for stock trading.

but it does not limit itself to skilled traders only,

No matter what is your experience you can go for E*TRADE. You can trade stocks, options, ETFs and mutual funds. It provides professionally built portfolios.

E*TRADE has the feature of Max-Trade checking by which it does not charge you any fee for withdrawing fund from any ATM nationwide but the owner/operator may charge.

How to start

Open an account by selecting which type of account you want, create an investing plan, find investing ideas, execute trades, monitor your account and assets, watch the market, get help and guidance and trade accordingly.

TD Ameritrade Trader

Play Store Rating- 3.7
Downloads- 1 Million
Offered by- TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc.

Features suitable for advanced investors as wells as simplified features for the newbie, TD Ameritrade Trader is one of the incredible stock trading apps. Here you can trade stocks, complex option, futures and forex on the go.

Some best features of TD Ameritrade are chatting with trading specialist in real time, screen sharing, live stream TD Ameritrade Network, practicing trading strategies using paper money with no risk of losing a single dime.

How to start-

Fill a form to open your account if you don’t have an account in its online platform, you can choose which type of account you want to open. Develop your strategy and start trading and monitoring the stock market.

So, what are you waiting for?

You are smarter than you were before reading this article! Now you can download and use any of the top 5 stock trading app whichever suitable for you moreover use your smartness by using the apps for stock trading.

Are you curious to know more about stock trading, stock signals, forex signals? Go further and enhance your knowledge about the stock market by joining us at Multi Management Future Solutions

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