Best Singapore Stocks

Best Singapore stocks and shares are always a trending topic as soon as the month changes. Being an active investor, people want to observe the strategies implemented in the last month by the companies they are interested to trade with or have already invested.

With such a case, investors are keen to know about the best stock picks in Singapore so that they can plan their investment portfolio as well as enhance the further investment options.

The private sector of Singapore is recovering slowly and steadily. In the last month, the private primary sale was recorded around 1555 sold units. This accounts to 107% year on year rise.

So here we present the Best Singapore stocks and shares in which you can invest as per the share trading tips providers and experts:-

1. Frasers centerpoint Limited:

DBS Research suggested a strong buy call for Frasers centerpoint. It has a market cap of 5.318 (B SGD), current P/E ratio of around 8.39, dividend yield of around 4.70%.


Best Singapore stocks


This company is actively investing in its major markets’ new business opportunity and its targeting markets like: Australia, Europe, Thailand. Also the company is interested in investing on the government land sales

Thus, investors interested in the stocks picks Singapore, can look forward for this share to invest with.

2. Best world international:

When we look at the past years we find Best World International as the top gainer. Its share price has climbed up to 242%. This company is involved in the healthcare product’s direct selling and also deal In lifestyle products.

Best Singapore stocks


This company also shares cosmetics, skin care products.

The company’s P/E ratio is 25.30 and a dividend yield of 1.89%.

The market capitalization is of 879.082 M SGD.

3. MM2 Asia Ltd

The company is the media content service provider company based in Singapore. It generates various entertainment shows for television, online media and ads. It is also indulge in the financing of commercial content and its distributions.


Best Singapore stocks


In the media industry, company is flagging with a growth of +.23% and a market cap of 660.707 M SGD.

The company’s current P/E ratio is 40.70 and 1 year return is 88.67%.

Thus with a strong balance sheet and huge market cap, the company is a good option for investing in SGX Stock markets.

Thus these were one of the few Best Singapore stocks and shares that you must consider in June 2017.

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