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Investing in penny stocks can be an extremely profitable venture, but with that comes higher risks. Penny stocks that pass the proper analysis can quickly multiply in value, dramatically outperforming every other type of stock, including so-called “safe” blue chips.
-A penny stock is a relatively low price stock which has a small market capitalization.
-Penny stocks have a higher level of volatility, resulting in a higher potential reward and a higher level of risk.
-Update your portfolio with latest Aug-Sep 2018 months penny stocks Singapore

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Some best penny stocks to trade for profitable trading(March 2018 Singapore Penny Stocks Recommendation):-

• Gerdau SA (ADR) (GGB) –
Gerdau SA, Brazil’s largest steelmaker by market value. Brazil is in a depression, there’s a global glut of steel and Moody’s recently downgraded its credit rating.
Where, GGB Market Cap: $1.37 billion.

• Castle Brands Inc (ROX) –
Castle Brands Inc (ROX) has lost more than 30% for the year-to-date, which put it into penny stock territory. Castle Brands is in the booze business, with brands including Jefferson’s Bourbon, Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey and Gosling’s.
ROX Market Cap: $137 million.

• Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (SBLK) –
Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (SBLK) is struggling with them all. It’s even sold vessels to bring in cash. Forced asset sales are about as big a red flag as you can get.
SBLK Market Cap: $126 million.

• StemCells Inc (STEM) –
The market of penny stocks is littered with biotech stocks, so StemCells Inc (STEM) is hardly the only name for which you can make a highly speculative bull call.
STEM Market Cap: $37 million.

• Aeropostale Inc (ARO) –
Aeropostale Inc (ARO) — a Rip Van Winkle cash-burning machine — is a buy if you want to try for a three-pointer from the cheap seats.
ARO Market Cap: $15.41 million.

Penny stocks companies in Singapore have a market cap under S$10 million.
Penny stocks are more suitable for investors with a high tolerance for risk.

For profitable trading, you must follow these rules to become a successful trader.
• These Stocks are Only Surface-level Cheap
With penny stocks being traded at a low price, first-time and novice investors often choose to invest in them because of low capital outlay.

• These Stocks Are Highly Prone To Speculation
Another thing often associated with that they are highly prone to speculation. Therefore, they are often targeted by market speculators. The low prices and billions of outstanding shares make trading penny stocks look easy to investors.
• Don’t Listen To Stockbroker That Pushes (Penny) Stock Tips To You
Take note when you encounter a stockbroker that continuously lures you to buy and sell penny stocks as they often do this for the commission rather than for your sake. So before you go and lose your money, make sure that the stockbrokers you are working with also take your interests to heart.

Ultimately, penny stocks are often viewed as easy to access choices, because of their low capital requirement.
However, as with everything the saying goes, “nothing worth having comes easy”.

Penny stocks are known to be risky. If you are the type who has a higher risk tolerance, then These stocks might be suitable for you

But for those who are in the position where they have nothing more to lose, it is better to stay away from Penny stocks have a higher level of volatility.

But at the end of the day, as investors, you should always proceed with caution in whatever you are investing in—whether it is penny stocks or not. Keep both the potential rewards and risks in mind.
Finally, always keep your expectations realistic. Wise Investing often takes months and years for your gains to materialize. If you expect to earn in just a week, then you are bound to be disappointed.

As per the technical and fundamental analysis of Singapore stocks exchange, we would like to recommend these penny stocks for trading

Early March 2018 Singapore Penny Stocks Recommendation

Moya Holdings Asia Ltd. designs and builds water treatment systems. The Company offers engineering, field construction, project management and operations, and maintenance services to municipal, industrial and commercial customers. Moya Holdings Asia Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the investment and development of total water solutions in Indonesia. The company offers a range of water treatment solutions to government, including commissioning, operation, and maintenance of various water treatment plants on design, build, operate, and transfer arrangements. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Singapore. Moya Holdings Asia Limited is a subsidiary of Tamaris Infrastructure Pte. Ltd.

Spackman Entertainment Group Limited (40E.SI):
Spackman Entertainment Group Ltd is a producer, presenter, and investor of theatrical films. The Company also distributes foreign films in South Korea.

Rowsley Ltd. (A50.SI):
Rowsley Ltd. provides real estate services. The Company offers real estate development, designing, engineering, and hospitality services. Rowsley serves customers in Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

GSS Energy Limited (41F.SI)
GSS Energy Limited operates in the onshore oil and gas industry. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides crude oil extraction and other related services around the world.

Allied Technologies Limited manufactures precision stamped metal parts for computer and computer peripherals industries. The Company also provides integrated manufacturing services ranging from design and product development, prototyping, tool and die fabrication, production, and mechanical sub-assembly services. Allied produces and assembles LCD monitors and other electronics.

Our Recent Stock Recommendations 

MMFS SGX INTRADAY SIGNAL: Dated By 05/03/2018: BUY MOYA ASIA  AT 0.90 TARGET 0.93, 0.96 SL 0. 87

THE accompanying Penny Stock had declarations or improvements that may impact exchanging on Thursday.

Joined Overseas Bank: United Industrial Corp (UIC), UOL Group and Haw Par Corp, the three property organizations that are considerably claimed by veteran broker Wee Cho Yaw, required an exchanging end on Wednesday, reemerging theory of the potential privatization of UIC. With the exchanging end of these stocks and talk that Mr. Wee, administrator of UOB, is going to merge his organizations, UOB stock is an absolute necessity watch.

Singapore Airlines (SIA): The carrier has re-secured the No 2 position in the Skytrax World Airline Awards rankings, as indicated by a declaration on the World Airline Awards site. Notwithstanding taking the pined for second best positioning, SIA was additionally granted Best Airline in Asia, Best Business Class Airline Seat, and Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering.

Cambridge Industrial Trust (CIT): Cambridge Industrial Trust Management Limited and Cambridge Industrial Trust will change their names to ESR Funds Management (S) Limited and ESR-REIT, individually, from Friday. This is to connote the significance of the Reit as a feature of the e-Shang Redwood Group’s (ESR) business exercises. e-Shang Infinity Cayman Limited, a backup of ESR, purchased the total 80 for each penny aberrant enthusiasm for CIT Management from nabInvest Capital Partners Pte Ltd and CREIM Limited in January.

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Best Penny Stock To Buy

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