Always Trade like As The Predator, Not The Prey

Whether you’re trading as a ‘Predator’ or as a ‘Prey’ in the Malaysia stock market, both the term are exploration of hypothetical trading types. Entering in the stock market is like entering in the world of predators who always try to take funds from you & on the other side you considered as a ‘Prey’ when entered into the market. As a beginner in the stock market, if you follow the trend lines or if you try to figure out the chart patterns levels while trading, then you will get marked by the predators very easily. Thus, predators anyway follow the strategy to move forward to get better vision in depth.

Predator Vs Prey in the Market

Predator is always a professional trader which is targeted towards the beginners in the market to take money from them thereby preying them. Thus, predator always aims to make profit from the new beginners & from market fluctuations. Moreover, implementing the technical analysation on the “stop loss orders” is usually done by the predators.

Being a ‘Prey’ is Vulnerable:

Trader being a ‘Prey’ is always an unprotected & vulnerable. Therefore, it’s necessary for every beginners in the stock market to stop being preyed by the ‘Predators’ & become less vulnerable by having proper klse stock recommendations from reliable advisory firms.

Therefore, it’s recommended for the beginners to implement a proper trading plan & have right Malaysia stock picks as well as risk management factors. By following these strategies, you will never let you to be preyed by any predator & will expertise you in the trading domain.

As predators are always defensive in the stock market for themselves, therefore being a beginner in the market, it’s important to protect your money to succeed & survive in the market. The effective ways to defend you as a beginner is through capital preservation and by being mastered in the investing strategy.

Bottom Line:         

The bottom line is all about a choice that whether you opt to trade like a predator in the market or still you will continues to get preyed by these predators.

Moreover, as a beginner, if are not able to understand for how to trade in a defensive way then its recommended to think for re-committing in the share market as your hardly earned money is important.

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