The foreign exchange market is known for currency trading in order to obtain currency profit. The uniqueness of FX market is that there is no centralized marketplace for trading.

Currency trading is operated electronically as an over-the-counter (OTC), in which transactions takes place through computer networks by traders & investors across the world in any of the time zone.

Forex market can be active at any time in day with changing price. Here, the blog is explaining all about Spot market, Forward Market & Future Market:

What is Spot Market?

I. The spot market is all about buying and selling currencies as per the current price. This price is a reflection of interest rates, future reaction of currency against one another & economical performance.

II. FX trading in spot market is always been a largest place as it is the base of assets on which the forwards & futures markets are based on. In fact, the futures market was common one for the traders in past as it was present for every traders & investors for a long time.

III.  However, because of the electronic trading technology the spot market has showed a large amount of growth in trading. Therefore, Forex trading signals will be an added advantage.

IV. In addition, the one who are beginner in forex market, they generally move to the spot market.

V. The forwards and futures markets do not involve trading in actual currencies. Rather than this, they deal in contracts showing declaration to a particular currency type, specific price per unit and a future date for settlement.

What Are Forward & Future Market?

VI. Forward market comprised of buying & selling of contracts between two parties. These two parties then regulate the agreement terms between themselves.

VII. The futures contracts that are bought & sold in future market are completely based on a standard size. Moreover, the futures contracts include the details having number of units which are being traded, settlement & delivery dates and minimal increment in price.

 VII. The forwards & futures markets are widely common in organizations that require hedging their foreign exchange risks to a particular date in future which work as a profitable Forex signals for them.

Final Word:

Both the future & forward contracts usually resolved for the exchange of cash. In addition, the contracts can be bought & sold prior to expire. The forwards and futures markets stand to protect against the risk factors while currency trading. Usually, these markets are considered by high level international organizations in order to hedge against fluctuations in future exchange rate. And speculators too trade in these markets.

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