7 Frequent Mistakes Committed By Investors Post Bursa Malaysia Hot Intraday Tips Analysis

Investing in stock market is always lucrative and preferred by many risk takers in the world today. In Malaysia there are many people have the analytical skills to understand the trade and stock turns and use the experienced knowledge for investing. Also, there are people who just depend on the Bursa Malaysia Intraday Tips and various klse stock recommendations in order to invest in the stock markets. Investing in the stock market is also dependent on luck factor according to some people. But which way will give you the profitable return is a million dollar question.

In Malaysia Traders have the common practice of studying Malaysia hot stock, or bursa malysia intraday tips or klse recommendations and then after proper analysis they decide where to invest and how much to invest and also where not to invest.

But still they commit some tiny mistakes which can lead them to face huge losses. Here are 7 of them:

  1. Always Gazing For Profits:

Traders focus on always fetching the profits and that’s why look at bursa Malaysia Intraday tips and don’t do proper homework on their trading strategies. With profits as the only goal they start investing in waste and unwanted stocks and at the end lose their money.

So you must understand that:

  • Take the profits once it reaches at its peak
  • Keep hold of quality stocks only and stop holding waste or unfruitful stocks
  • Make complete balance between stop loss and profit maximizing strategy.

So if you are a keen observer of klse stock recommendations, so you must only peep in where it will never hurt rather than poking your nose everywhere.

  1. Never Prepared To Take Risks And Bear Losses:

It is rightly said that “one who cannot take a risk cannot expect for profits” and the savvy investors only play for profits rather than understanding the importance of bearing risk and sometimes paying  for losses as well.

Investors feel scared of selling the stocks which they know will never return the profits and thus try to keep themselves away from the losses. This practice is extremely wrong and committed by many of the traders and investors.

“If A Cat Closes Eyes And Think That Lion Will Not See Cat And So Not Eat Her… Than Cat Is the Biggest Fool”

Thus a savvy investor if analysis the reports of Malaysia Hot Stock and comes to know about the weak stocks, they must sell the weak stocks as soon as possible!

  1. Weak Strategies And Faulty Goals

Investing in stock markets is not a matter of fun. It requires planned strategy and figurative goals and a correct methodology to achieve it. If any of these is missing, then the boat will surely go in a wrong direction.

Investors always get confused between the investment stocks and trading stocks and thus fail to plan the strategies for beneficial returns. The grape wine methodology leads many of the investors to buy wrong stocks and in the end losses are ascertained. Also, investors think to intentionally buy the lowest grade stocks for quick profits and at the end the stock touches ground. Also investors fail to keep patience for long term investment stocks and sell them before the actual outputs.

So it’s very much important for any investors to identify the correct bursa Malaysia Intraday picks and with the correct analysis formulate the goals and thus implement the strategies.

“If You Don’t Plan, You Are Surely Planning To Fail”

  1. Poking In For All Penny Stocks:

Penny stocks also termed as retail stocks are mostly a waste of time and putting money in such stock is of no use until and unless you are a retail investor. Various syndicates target such stocks as no fresh money is ever invested in such stocks.

So if any klse stocks recommendations guides you to invest in such stocks you must stretch your eyes and ears before investing in any such penny stocks.

“Think Big, Think Different”

  1. Tips Are Words Of God:

Many of the trading decisions depends on the tips and stock pips but traders must understand that the source from where they are taking these signals must be authentic and not from any random stock advisor.

So use the authentic Stock Picks and transcade the tips with your analysis and then take your investment decision.

 “Listen To Everything But Do What Is Accurate”

  1. Loosing Hopes:

The most important thing for any investor is to maintain trust in his or her investments if he has done the correct analysis and study before the investments.

A small loss in the earlier phase does not mean you can never turn your investments into profits and thus don’t loose hopes.

You need to maintain the trust on the Stock Signals and accordingly focus and strategies in your investments.

Identify The Exact Investment Plan And Deal With Your Strategies To Get The Best Result…Is The Best Tip Given By The Investment Experts.


  1. Try To Buy At Peak And Sell At Peak Only:

Investors are never interested in buying the stocks when they are at low rates. They only target the peak buying and selling of the stocks as they think it will give them the maximum benefits. And the fools who buy at peek search for various other fools to sell at peek and eventually they get many such fools as well.

So Better Channelize Where And When To Invest. It Will Return You Better Results.


Now take your pen and paper and start analyzing and figuring what to do, when to do, why to do, and especially what not to do… and also keep in mind the perfect and systematic tips you should use before investing:

  1. Figure Out Your Goals:

You must exactly know for what you are investing (new house, education, livelihood etc) and decide the exact reason for your investments sketch out the detailed plan including amount and time.

Keep in mind:

  • Start early investments as soon as possible
  • Keep complete patience and be persistence
  • Make regular investments
  1. Complete All Your Homework:

Understand which things you need to focus and start learning about it on a continual basic and you must completely understand what are Malaysian hot stocks, what are top klse stock recommendations, which thing is booming and where not to put your fingers in. All this is required.

  1. Monitor Your Investments And Improve Continuously:

Remember your goals and homework and monitor your investments regularly and make the dynamic changes accordingly to achieve the best results from your investments.

“Precaution Is Always Better Than Cure”

These tips are an easy way for gaining profitable returns from your investments, but remember you become a savvy investor and don’t commit the silly common mistakes which can affect all your investments.

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