In order to obtain the high amount of leverage in forex market, traders & investors have several strategies to implement in order to gain leverage. But, if traded with improper implementation of strategies, there may be chance of suffering from loss.

In order to remain secured from loss factors, stop-limit orders are the two major strategies to trade securely in FX market. Therefore, look out some rules for implementing these strategies & to trade beneficially.

1. The stop-limit orders comprised of some limits on the price. Also, the stop-limit order comprised of two prices called as‘Stop Price’ that convert an order to a sell order and another one is ‘limit price’.

2. Stop-limit order is useful for the investors & is an effective Currency signal to apply when price of the currency gets lower down. Instead of selling the currencies, it’s beneficial to apply stop-limit order strategy & wait for the price to get in uptrend.

3. A limit order behaves as a profitable forex signals as investors can buy & sell the currencies by setting the maximum & minimum price, whereas stop order is beneficial for buying & selling by specifying the currency price.

4. If trading for the long term, it’s profitable for the traders to set a limit order above the current market price; in order to buy & sell currencies whereas investors can set a limit order below the current market price by using stop order.

5. For the investors trading for short position, limit order is a profitable forex trading signals, as investors can set limit price below the current price as well as the stop order allow to set a price above the current price, thereby minimize the risks.

In Summary:

Whether you are short term investor or long term, stop order-limit order is advantageous for the investors to manage the risks as well as to protect from losses. In all, it’s good to apply these orders in order to trade in forex market securely & successfully.

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