5 Stock Trading Signal Strategies to Apply In SGX Market

When it comes to trade in stock market, it is obvious that investors need to earn maximum profits. In order to maximize the profit potential, it’s necessary to make efforts with clear strategy about trading. Here are some common strategies shared must be implemented while trading in Singapore (SGX) stock market.


Breakouts is one of the common stock trading signals, which involves recognizing the price level followed by either selling or buying, as the price of the stock break pre-determined level.


Retracement process based on a strategy that price of the stock will get reverse after every profitable move made by the traders. Prior to this, the trader has to identify the exact direction in which the price will move. Retracement involves strong fundamental analysis of the market & fundamental analysis of the market requires profitable Stock signals.


Reversal requires technical analysis where fundamental analysis is less. At the time of reversal, the market is unpredictable moves in every direction.


In Momentum, the trader move in the direction where price is trending instead of watching the market continuously.

Position Trading:

In position trading, trader has to be present in the market place at the time when price of the stock moves in a particular trend.


Implementing above mentioned strategies is beneficial to trade profitably. In order to trade successfully, it’s important to trade strategically.

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