5 SGX Stock Trading Picks to Sell the Stocks

When it comes to invest in Singapore stock market, lots of selling strategies exists to apply. In order to generate substantial amount of capital, it’s essential to follow the selling strategy at right time with correct analysis. Most of the trader because of greediness attempts the selling of stocks at any market movement which led them to loss factors, instead it’s essential to avoid greediness in order to succeed in the stock market. Here are some strategies unwrapped which will help you for selling the stocks successfully.

Strategies to Look out for Selling the Stocks

Opportunity Cost Sell

Opportunity Cost Sell

It’s one of the profitable strategies cum stock signal where investors have portfolio of stocks and sell the stocks at the time of downtrend of market. In fact, traders & investors have to keep the watch over their own portfolio consistently in order to identify the right movement for selling. Once the investor analyzes the right time to sell stock, investor would lesser down a trading position in a current holding.

Valuation Level Sell

Valuation level sell strategy comprises of selling a stock when stock reaches a particular valuation target. In context to this, valuation metrics are used which will signify to sell out the stocks like as price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, price-to-book ratio (P/B) & price-to-sales (P/S) ratio. These metrics are the beneficial stock trading picks that will indicate to sell a stock at the time when it becomes overvalued.

Target Price Sell

Target Price Sell

Target price sell strategy tends to trigger a sell by using specific stock value. It is one of the common strategies implemented by investors & traders.

Down-from-Cost & Up-from-Cost Sell

The down-from-cost sell strategy signifies the selling of stocks on the basis of amount which the investor going to lose. Similarly, the up-from-cost sell strategy signifies the stock sale if it rises by fixed percentage. Both the strategies are the stop loss measures that will act as a good stock picks, as it save the investor’s principal.

Deteriorating Fundamental Sell

This strategy will trigger a stock sale while the financial activities of the company lower downs to the certain level.

In Short

Being an investor, there are multiple strategies to sell out the stocks, but selling at the right time is something you have to identify & apply. Above strategies might be helpful to you while selling the stocks.

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